DV Monitor Pro Makes it Easier, More Efficient Than Ever to go From Shooting Live Video to Instant Editing in Final Cut Pro With All Tools Necessary to Optimize a Video During the Shoot and Organize Them After

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DV Monitor Pro software is an indispensable production tool for professional and amateur videographers to view, record, optimize and organize live video on a Mac. Instantly go from shooting to editing in Final Cut Pro with all the shot ratings, labels and comments transfered from DV Monitor Pro. DV Monitor Pro's Exposure Zebras, Screen Calibration, Shot and Continuity checking tools will save much time and headaches while avoiding having to fix these issues later in post-production.

Red Lightning Software LLC. today announced the immediate availability of DV Monitor Pro software, an indispensable production tool for professional and amateur videographers to view, record, optimize and organize live video.

DV Monitor Pro expands on the features of DV Monitor, adding direct to disk recording, clip management with shot logging, Final Cut Pro export, custom image overlay and shot matching tools to compare the exposure, framing, focus, white balance and continuity with previous shots.

Digitizing tape wastes time in post-production. Transcribing notes from the shoot adds confusion and more wasted time. Fixing mismatched shots in post-production wastes even more time and can cause serious headaches. DV Monitor Pro solves these issues, providing streamlined production and more efficient post-production for videographers who often deal with tight deadlines and small budgets.

DV Monitor Pro's direct to disk recording provides the ability to label, rate and add notes to each shot, which later imports instantly into Final Cut Pro via an XML file. This improves the efficiency of field logging and energizes post-production. By recording direct to disk DV Monitor Pro eliminates the 60 minute time limit of shooting on tape as well as tape dropouts.

DV Monitor Pro focuses on the needs of professional video production. Shot Matching and Continuity Checking are key features enabling a video production to create a professional look while avoiding the need to fix mistakes in post-production. DV Monitor Pro can quickly help match your camera position, zoom, focus, exposure or white balance from a previous shot. Perfect the lighting when moving from a practical location to a matching set in a studio. Check scene continuity to see if anything has been moved in the shot or consumables like burning candles have changed enough to cause jump cuts.

Special effect shots benefit from DV Monitor Pro's Custom Image Overlay feature, which makes the preview of post effects, and the specific framing requirements they require, possible. Shooting live action elements so they align with a matte painting is now possible for the first time on a Mac. The Custom Image Overlay's Alpha Channel supports multiple levels of transparency to allow creative freedom in setting up your special effects shot. Just as easily, custom wide screen aspect ratio masks or visual masks to simulate the point of view from a set of binoculars or a keyhole can be accomplished on-set. The possible uses of the Custom Image Overlay are endless. DV Monitor Pro allows full control over the opacity, brightness and tint of the Custom Image Overlay to assist in setting up shots.

DV Monitor Pro also includes all of the features of DV Monitor, such as:

  • Replaces a high end field monitor
  • Full resolution 1:1 pixel accuracy for razor sharp focusing
  • Exposure Zebras help determine the perfect exposure
  • Image Flipping for 35mm depth of field adaptors
  • On screen guides for TV safe, Title safe, 16:9 aspect ratio, Rule of thirds
  • Quick and easy screen calibration

And much more...

"DV Monitor was one of the most essential pieces of equipment we had on set. When using the SGPro 35mm adapter, framing, focusing and correct camera settings would have been near impossible to achieve using only the camera LCD screen. When undertaking some of the handheld and tracking shots we really noticed the difference as we were not able to use the software. Even with this however, DV Monitor was invaluable as we were able to set focus before the shot and then quickly review the shots afterwards to see if we had been successful," said Neil Pymer director of photography at Production London Ltd.

Written as a universal binary application, both PowerPC and Intel Mac users will benefit from this unique and productive software.


DV Monitor Pro is available immediately for $199.99.

A demo version is available at http://www.redlightningsoftware.com/Downloads.html

Macintosh OS X 10.4 and DV video cameras with FireWire are required for use. Core Image support is highly recommended. Please visit Red Lightning Software's on-line store to purchase a copy.



Red Lightning Software LLC. was founded in 2006 by a team of Macintosh developers dedicated to provide innovative solutions for the video professional.

Apple Macintosh and Final Cut Pro, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


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