"The Polity of Beasts", a New Novel by Renald Iacovelli

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When the animals in a certain forest decide to institute among themselves a democratic government in the hope of improving their lives, they soon find themselves worse off than ever as the pandering animals who have been elected to office begin indulging their greed and lust for power.

"The Polity of Beasts", a new novel by Renald Iacovelli is released.

When the animals in a forest decide to set up a democratic government among themselves and elect a President, the candidates for the office turn out to be an idealistic eagle, a selfish skunk, a wily fox, and a very stupid ass--who, however, has behind him the advice of a savvy snake. But the animals fall victim to their own ignorance, greed, and insecurities when they cast their votes for the candidate who best panders to their foolishly unreasonable desires. Once in power, the new leader and other members of government begin exploiting their constituents for the sake of personal aggrandizement. In time the leadership becomes so corrupt that the only way to maintain their extravagant lifestyles is to sell out the forest altogether by allowing it to be overrun by alien species--with disastrous consequences to all.

"For almost fifty years, certainly for the last thirty or forty," Iacovelli says, commenting on the provenance for his novel, "the American political system has been broken, but it's broken because American society has been broken. Our sense of ourselves as a nation has been whittled away year after year, and we see that reflected in the bitter and in some cases purely libelous partisan politics of the day, as well as in growing sectarian strife. Intimidated by political correctness into accepting policies defying common sense, we've been in a freefall toward social disaster. My novel is a wake-up call alerting Americans to this. It is likely however that the general somnambulism has grown so abysmal, so impenetrable, so irretrievable, that nothing any one person can do can make much of a difference. Having complacently adjusted the noose around our necks and pushed forward the lever for the trapdoor beneath our feet--can we expect anything other than the inexorable thing? But someone had to write a book like this. If it had been written a lot sooner, maybe things wouldn't have come to so bad a head. At any rate, I'm glad it's coming out in time for the Presidential elections. It should be read every election year."

Published by Stone Tower Press in association with Lulu.com, the trade paperback is available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other retailers.

About the Author

Renald Iacovelli was born in San Francisco in 1975 and began writing in college for the politically progressive journal, "Russian Roulette." After a stint in the merchant marines in the late 1990s, he returned to the United States to concentrate on his writing. His novel "BREAKING A LEG" was published in 2006. He traveled in Europe for several months before settling in Venice. There he completed "THE POLITY OF BEASTS".


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