Optimizing Men's Health, Performance and Vitality with Dermacrine

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Primordial Performances introduces Dermacrine — a unique product developed for male athletes and body builders who are looking for a testosterone boost. Dermacrine represents a well-rounded topical dietary supplement designed to optimize a man's hormone profile.

After 18 months of product R&D, a new dietary supplement, Dermacrine has been released. Dermacrine is a topical product targeted to male athletes and bodybuilders as a way to increase testosterone levels. Dermacrine utilizes a topical delivery system for delivery of the active ingredients, DHEA and pregnenolone. As a benefit over oral administration, the topical method forces the DHEA and pregnenolone to pass through the skin, and interact with the skin’s sterodiogenic enzymes converting them to more active hormones, such as testosterone.

By adding the natural plant-based estrogen blockers, resveratrol, chrysin and 7,8 benzoflavone, Dermacrine controls the amount of estrogen created in the body. Unusually high estrogen levels are common in men who use DHEA or testosterone boosting products, since the DHEA and testosterone are easily converted to estrogen in the body. Excess estrogen can lead to fat accumulation, testicular shrinkage, breast tissue growth, and a low libido. Dermacrine, with its unique anti-estrogen complex, helps limit the formation of estrogen.

Dermacrine also includes pregnenolone, which converts to progesterone as it passes the skin. The progesterone acts as a regulator for DHT, thereby reducing the conversion of testosterone to DHT. A common pitfall with most testosterone boosting products is testosterone’s excessive conversion to DHT, a hormone which can aggravate the prostate and encourage hair loss. This makes Dermacrine a safe testosterone booster for men concerned with these typical side effects associated with increased testosterone.

Dermacrine is useful for any man who wishes to increase their testosterone levels, and safely reap the benefits of increasing the primary male androgen -- testosterone. Most product testers and users of Dermacrine notice faster recovery from workouts, enhanced libido and increased energy and strength. If followed by a good diet and workout program, Dermacrine can help increase lean muscle mass, while reducing body fat.

To find out more about Dermacrine, and the science behinds its development, plus user testimonials, visit http://www.dermacrine.com or http://www.primordialperformance.com.

About Primordial Performance:

Primordial Performance has entered the dietary supplement market with a unique product, and a strong focus on customer education and support. In an attempt to gain an honest reputation, Primordial Performance also offers ZRT hormone testing kits as a way for users to test Dermacrine efficacy. This allows users to test their hormones though saliva, and monitor their testosterone and estrogen levels.


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