Schneider Optics Home Theater Cinemascope Lens Wins the Projector Central Editor's Choice Award

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Cine-Digitar 1.33X lens rated "by far the best anamorphic lens we've yet seen" for home theatre Cinemascope movie viewing.

Projector Central, a leading online information resource for buyers, users and sellers of projectors, has given its Editor's Choice Award to the Schneider Cine-Digitar Anamorphic 1.33X lens for home theatre Cinemascope® movie viewing. The Cine-Digitar Anamorphic lens, combined with vertical scaling, enables home theatre projectors to project full-screen 2.35:1 images, eliminating letterbox "black bars" and using every pixel to fill the entire screen from corner to corner, with the image quality that has earned Schneider cinema projection lenses four Academy Awards for technical achievement.

"Simply put, this is by far the best anamorphic lens we've yet seen and the first one we'd gladly install for use in our home theatre," said the Projector Central review. "The fact is we have never been happy with the optical performance of the anamorphic lenses we have previously tested…however, last week we lit up a projector with the Schneider Cine-Digitar 1.33X Anamorphic lens, and the truth changed…this lens is optically perfect."

In outlining the shortcomings of other anamorphic lenses, Projector Central said "they can produce vignetting (severe dimming on the corners of the image). They can impart pin cushion, barrel, or concave geometric distortions. And even if they (other lenses) manage to avoid those flaws, they can still introduce a subtle oily texture on the image that makes it look like you are viewing the image through an optically impure window, which essentially you are. These are optical flaws that we'd never want to live with ourselves, so despite the growing enthusiasm for the widescreen Cinemascope® 2.35 format, we've been hesitant to promote the use of anamorphic lenses for home theatre."

In describing the superior performance of the Schneider Cine-Digitar 1/33X Anamorphic lens, the review continued "there is no hint of vignette effects, and geometric distortion is for all practical purposes non-existent…there is not the slightest trace of oily effects. The image on screen is as natural, clear and precise as you'd ever want. The Cine-Digitar 1.33X enhances the performance of the projector without doing anything to get in its way…it is definitely worth adding to one of the new 1080p projectors if you are serious about top quality widescreen Cinemascope® 2.35 format in your home theatre."

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