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Internet Startup Revolutionizes Local Search: Imagine YellowPages, MySpace and YouTube, All Rolled Into One

On MojoPages, the premise is simple

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the services industries (e.g., plumbers, car mechanics, restaurants, etc.) account for 55 percent of economic activity in the United States. Now, imagine how many dollars you, individually, have contributed to this billion dollar industry in the past, only to be disappointed and mistreated by your service provider. Fortunately, consumers are no longer forced to gamble in their vendor selections, thanks to the advent of, which opened to the public today.

The "next generation" of what is currently known as the Yellow Pages, MojoPages combines a comprehensive business directory with a variety of Web 2.0 technologies; Imagine MySpace, YouTube and YellowPages, all rolled into one. The search tool will rank businesses according to reviews and ratings provided by members of the community, to help consumers make more informed decisions when selecting local businesses. In an already burgeoning industry, MojoPages will be the first in the local search arena to offer video and picture reviews.

As one of the only San Diego-based companies utilizing Web 2.0 technologies to such an extent, MojoPages digitizes traditional word-of-mouth by combining online business listings with social networking. If you know what you're looking for, search as you would on Google and retrieve directions, address, phone number(s), coupons, BBB reports, pictures, videos, hours of operation, etc. on 15 million businesses from across the United States. For consumers seeking a little guidance or advice when choosing a vendor, they can enlist the assistance of the community to help make the best decisions.

Founded by local 28-year-old serial entrepreneur, Jon Carder, MojoPages is designed to help consumers choose the best businesses by connecting consumers with one another in their local areas. Others have paved the way in the local search space, proving the business model works. However, MojoPages offers numerous additional tools that help users find the best businesses faster and easier than ever before.    

Capitalizing on the popularity of online video streaming, MojoPages is the first and only website offering local reviews with video and photo capabilities. Along side a review of the new restaurant in town, reviewers can post a video clip of their experience. Consumers can simply upload a video from their phone, camera or computer. Now, users reading the review can watch a business come alive through video and pictures and get a more accurate idea of the ambiance, entree portions, etc. Or, if a member just had a kitchen remodeled, he/she can include before and after shots to show fellow consumers what they can expect from that contractor.

If for any reason, users are unable to find what they're looking for, they can ask the community by posting a question in the Q&A feature. If they prefer feedback from only their trusted friends…They can create their own network, exclusive to those trusted friends, within the MojoPages community. If exclusivity isn't a main concern, members can join groups with other members who share similar interests (e.g., Dog Lovers, German Car Fans, Moms).

Members can even compile a list of their favorite vendors ("Username", which is conveniently located as a separate page on the site, making it easily accessible at all times. Now, the next time a neighbor asks for a suggestion, he won't need to wait for an e-mail or a return phone call; simply direct him to your personal list of favorites.

"On MojoPages, the premise is simple," said Carder, CEO of MojoPages. "Before purchasing any service, consumers can now gain transparency into how a business is treating its customers."

Carder is no stranger to entrepreneurial success. In February 2006, the young CEO successfully sold his previous business, Client Shop, to internationally-recognized conglomerate, Internet Brands. Under Carder's direction, Client Shop posted more than $8.5 million in annual revenue with an impressive 1,800 percent growth rate, ranking it San Diego's No. 1 Fastest Growing Private Company in 2005. For many big name investors and others in the business community, there's no doubt Carder's new venture will fare as well, if not better than his last.

In alpha since Nov. 24, 2006, MojoPages already has had a strong following of early adopters. As part of an innovative marketing technique, MojoPages filmed a video documentary series revealing a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a startup. Both entertaining and educational, Internet users followed the team as it prepared for deadlines and finalized details.

Additionally, through an unmoderated team blog, each executive team member, talked candidly about their responsibilities and areas of expertise, while eliciting feedback from online readers who shared input and advice on everything from web page design to site functionality before the company was launched.

MojoPages has received expansive feedback from across the United States (Los Angeles, South Carolina, Washington, D.C. ) and worldwide (Canada, Ireland, Germany). With a superior offering of tools and exceptional team of leaders, insiders anticipate a similar welcoming from the general public.

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About is the "next generation" of Yellow Pages. It is a word-of-mouth powered business directory providing insight into how companies are treating customers. Combining Web 2.0 technologies with social networking, consumers can share their experiences, reviews and advice in this vibrant community to help family, friends and neighbors make better decisions and choose the best businesses. MojoPages provides businesses access to this feedback so that they may enhance their services and better their company.


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