Polyurethane Molding -- When Time is Money

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Contractors increasingly turn to polyurethane decorative molding to speed installation of baseboards, crown molding and other accents -- shaving costs in the bargain.

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Because polyurethane molding is lightweight and easy to install, I can put up 8-foot sections by myself, which saves on labor costs

When is time not money? In the world of contracting, excess man-hours to complete a task can suck the profit out of any bid. Nowhere else does this fact ring more true than when applying molding, which should be a simple and fast process, but seldom is. In contrast, many contractors are now discovering the many timesaving, cost-cutting advantages of working with polyurethane molding as opposed to traditional materials.

Faster installation

Unlike wood or MDF, which can require the time-consuming layering and joining of multiple pieces by hand, polyurethane products come in finished sections, molded to the right size and shape from the start. This streamlines installation and lowers total cost.

Polyurethane architectural moldings also speed the installation of crown moldings, often considered one of the hardest tasks because of the double compound mitering typically required. "Inexperienced contractors can end up throwing out more crown molding than they put up," says Brian Leuthel, owner of Built Beyond Design, a construction design and remodeling business. "Using polyurethane decorative molding instead of wood can cut installation time in half, or even by three-quarters if using matching corner blocks where appropriate."

Architectural Ornament is the first molding manufacturer to provide matching corner blocks, which are short pieces of molding created for laying molding in and around corners without the need for compound mitering. Since the 90-degree angle is built into the piece, straight cuts are all that's necessary.

With distribution throughout most of North America, Architectural Ornament, Inc. has quickly become the largest-volume architectural polyurethane manufacturer, offering a complete line of quality interior and exterior accent polyurethane moldings available at Lowe's and similar home improvement stores.

Of particular appeal to cost-conscious contractors is how lightweight polyurethane architectural molding is compared to heavier wood and MDF products, which can require an extra laborer to lift, position and then hold in place. With no need to hunt for studs to support the weight, polyurethane decorative molding can be simply nailed into drywall to provide temporary support until the caulking glue dries.

"Because polyurethane molding is lightweight and easy to install, I can put up 8-foot sections by myself, which saves on labor costs," says Leuthel. "I'm able to finish jobs in half the time I would otherwise. I recently installed 1,000 feet of crown molding in four hours."

In addition, the closed-cell nature of polyurethane architectural molding also enables the material to saw easily without splitting, and also resist splitting when nailed or screwed. There is no need to waste time pre-drilling every nail hole.

Companies like Architectural Ornament even speed the finishing process because its polyurethane molding comes pre-primed and ready to paint.

Lower total cost

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this polyurethane revolution is the fact that these moldings often cost less than their decorative wood counterparts.

"Polyurethane molding by companies like Architectural Ornament can help achieve the right look at the right price, installed fast. It's a competitive advantage that has helped me to generate referrals, grow my business, and make it more profitable," sums up Leuthel.

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