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Grab your copy of this groundbreaking new book by Life Design Coach Lynn Rasmussen and have the relationship that you have always dreamed of.

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"Love is simpler and relationships are more fun than you've been led to believe," says Men are Easy author Lynn Rasmussen, "Too many beautiful, smart, and funny women have been taught: relationships take hard work, communication is the key, and change is difficult. It just isn't true is today's world."

Men are Easy has arrived to tell women to leave all that psycho-babble in the past and learn how to make their relationship effortless and their life more fun. Men Are Easy is finally going to make your relationship work. This handbook will keep your man happier and your life more fulfilled.

Author Lynn Rasmussen, whose advice will be featured in April's Cosmopolitan Magazine, applies simple solutions to complex problems that make life with a man easy.

Experts tell women that we have to work at a relationship. Men Are Easy explains that love is not work, and that love is not a thing to be earned. Rasmussen says we live in a world of antiquated thinking about relationships. This book offers a revolutionary way to approach love and relationships, one which reduces stress and makes life a lot simpler.

Most advice from relationship experts is based on psychology, not the practicalities of everyday life, Rasmussen says. "Psychology fails to look at our lives as wholes," she says. "It focuses on a piece of life, not our whole self and how it all relates together."

"We are emotionally upset because traditional roles and rules have evaporated and there's nothing to take their place," says Rasmussen, "Now we have to figure out everything from who's going to do the dishes to who's going to make the money."

Rasmussen says our parents can't show us how. We're learning it the hard, painful way--by feel and by trial and error. Even the most loving couples fall apart in the mess.

Men Are Easy offers a new framework for love and life based on simple ideas from new science. The book says that when you get the basics of everyday life straight, then you can think straight, you feel better, and love flows.

Often the problem is not you or your relationship. The problem is a poorly designed life. Life requires continual revision. Give yourself-and everyone else-a break. In only a few steps you can shift from being a victim of circumstances to becoming a designer of your life-and men can relate to it.

Men Are Easy shows you how to:

  • take care for yourself first
  • get curious instead of angry
  • recognize and get your basic needs met
  • tune into and align with your values.
  • think and respond more clearly
  • open up to and play with possibility
  • design a life that works

Whether a woman's thinking about committing to that special guy or she's been married for decades, this book shows how love with a man can be spontaneous, strong, sexy, -- and easy.

Lynn Rasmussen is a life design coach. Her work is based on the simple processes found in all complex systems. She applies these processes to self, relationship, and society. More can be found at

Men are Easy is available in bookstores everywhere. For media inquiries contact Nanette Noffsinger via e-mail or 615-776-4230.


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