Science Challenges The Secret; One Man Must Do the Impossible; One Million Books - Online - in One Hundred Days

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One book, one million copies - online - in one hundred days. The challenge is that simple. Science says; "It can not be done." The Secret says; "It can be done." Which is the correct statement? Kevin Hughes says: "When you take steps, you count them. When you leap you soar." Science or The Secret? Which is correct?

Can one million copies of a book be sold - Online - in 100 days - using only the principle of Six degrees of separation? It can be done - if the message in the documentary DVD; The Secret, is accurate. One man decided to put The Secret, to a public test.

The book is called, Translated: The Beginning. A book with a deceptively simple premise; what if someone dropped dead, but did not die? What if, when he awakes, the only emotion he can experience is love?

Would he then be the first true human being? Would he be worshipped? Or would he be reviled? Adored? Hated? The answer may be in the book. The Book explores the science of a mind redesigned to feel only love. A human being translated into the perfect Lover of Mankind. Will mankind love him back?

Can a Meta-physical thought or desire, be manifested in the "real" world? Science would predict that thoughts do not become things, therefore trying to manifest a desire into a tangible factual accomplishment is nonsense On the other hand, Meta-physics predict that all thoughts become reality through a process called: The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction simply says: whatever you think about the most, you attract into your life. The scientific community has a simple law of its own; it is called: Six Degrees of Separation. Simply stated, Six Degrees of Separation says; between any two people on the planet, there is only six degrees of separation. You can reach any other human being with only five intermediary steps.

It should be possible then, for someone to reach some one who can contact a million people in only five steps. Combing this with the Law of Attraction should produce 0ne million books sold Online in one hundred days. Visit: for more info.


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