Must-Have Lawn Care Equipment Solves Yard Problems, Reports

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Springtime brings homeowners fresh challenges in establishing or maintaining a healthy lawn, reports In a timely article, columnist Kelly Richardson advises homeowners that must-have lawn care equipment can help fight weeds, thatch and common root disease.

With spring weather, homeowners begin to see the emergence of new lawn problems and need the right equipment to battle thatch, molds, crabgrass and root disease, reports, a comprehensive lawn and yard care resource. In his column, "Lawn Care Equipment to Repair and Restore," columnist Kelly Richardson describes vital equipment that is relatively inexpensive to own or can be rented from a lawn-care or home garden shop.

Richardson writes, "Taking action with special lawn equipment not only improves your lawn's chances of recovery, it also decreases the amount of work you will have to dedicate to the job." Keeping lawn mowers and mower parts in sound working order is essential, but Richardson adds that homeowners can save additional effort and money by avoiding lawn problems before they occur by owning or renting aeration and seeding equipment or by calling in a lawn care expert that knows how to use them.

The article "Lawn Care Equipment to Repair and Restore" details the specific problems homeowners face each spring in establishing or repairing a lawn when they over-water, over-mow or over-fertilize their grass (

Fundamental equipment helps prevent common lawn ailments and saves countless hours of garden labor, Richardson says. These tools include spikers, vertical mowers and silt-seeders. Spikers and vertical mowers help aerate the soil and de-thatch the lawn, combating common root diseases and thinning spots on the lawn. A silt seeder can save valuable time in opening up the grass and planting fresh seed for homeowners who are planting, restoring or re-establishing a lawn (

The University of Illinois Extension reports that core aerification using spikers, core aerifiers, and vertical mowers can add precious top dressing as well as thin out thatch that interferes with the lawn's absorption of critical nutrients and often damages roots. Slit-seeders, the Extention adds, apply seed at a metered, uniform rate, saving homeowners labor as well as seed money.

"Lawn aeration is the secret weapon in making your lawn healthy," advises lawn care expert Bob Formisano in his About: Home Repair column. "Oxygen gets to the roots and the soil allowing it to 'breathe'; organic fertilizers and nutrients get access to the root system; and water is able to better soak the soil and reach the root system." is a comprehensive lawn and yard care resource. Visitors can ask staff questions in the lawn forum or benefit from hundreds of articles on seasonal lawn care, grass types, weed prevention, mowers and other lawn maintenance equipment.


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