Admiral P.Kikareas President of the World Foundation For Peace & Security Announced that the World is in a Desperate Need for Our Government to do as 'As Alexander the Great' Did

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With all the World being in a most critical situation without solutions and bleeding more and more Admiral P.Kikareas , President of World Foundation For Peace & Security, Well known expert of Crisis Management and Peace Advocate, announced that the World expects from our Government to take serious action and do as Alexander the Great did: take out his sword and cut the Gordios Desmos, in order to destroy the sources of the terror, and stop the approaching Great Catastrophe.

Admiral P.Kikareas , President of the World Foundation For Peace & Security , a well known expert on crisis management issues made the following most critical announcement regarding the International War on Terror... and called our Government to act drastically and not let things delay.

For some years now the world has become a scary dangerous environment. Things are getting worse and worse. It is a must that strong actions be taken to eliminate the main cause, take correct actions and reverse the flow of the river that is getting close to destroying everything.

Admiral P.Kikareas strongly believes, that the world lives in an illusion. This causes people to make wrong evaluations and decisions and take wrong actions, which brink corresponding re-actions, and little by little everything has been winding up into a stringy ball, which many try to untie. This is impossible; we are far away from doing and succeeding this. Here we need someone with the Great Image of Alexander the Great, who was challenged to untie the "Gordios Desmos" in order to pass over to Asia, as it was the saying of Gods, that only then he should succeed. He knew that it was not possible and he took his sword out and cut it with one strike in the middle.

The World needs a charismatic Leader, inspired and decisive to do the same, and take immediate actions to hit the fanatic extremes who have caused so many troubles and are decided to conquer the World. We are in the last days in which the bible says that otherwise he will take care "in order not even the chosen to be lost."

The time is like in Biblical old testimony situations, the years of Babel, when there was no communication. The years of Noah with the Floods and the total disappearance of the Human beings except some chosen in order the evil to be destroyed and a new society to be created, to start over again.

But now it is much more complicated and much more impossible. Now the planet, the atmosphere, and the environment is getting destroyed by our deeds. Now most people can not discriminate which are the eternal values, which are the rules given by God, in order this planet and humanity to survive.

If all pray to God, He will strengthen, and lead His man from our Government our Commander in Chief to take necessary immediate actions to destroy the causes and the sources,which feeds these extremes fanatics. Iran, Al Quaida Iran , Middle East etc.

World Foundation for Peace & Security ,was set by Admiral P.Kikareas to help serve the world and consult the Governments, find best solutions for crisis management problems, and also create ways to avoid major catastrophes.

May Lord give mercy on us.

Dr. Peter Kikareas

Admiral retired


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