Grammy Award Winning Artist Bizzy Bone is Back With His 'Walk in My Shoes' Campaign and Explains Spiritual Journey to Address the Plight of the Homeless

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It's been said that one of the best ways to understand another person's point of view is to walk a mile in their shoes. It's no secret that in 2004, Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist Bizzy Bone, suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, voluntarily began life living on the streets, giving up all his money and material wealth, and embarked on a journey that changed his life forever.

I'm working with professionals who understand the nature of this business, people that I respect and trust. Our aim is about success in whatever we do and together we will achieve those goals because this is how we roll.

For several months, Bizzy Bone walked on foot, trying to get from his hometown of Columbus to Cleveland. After many miles and blisters on his feet, Bizzy could walk no more. It was a long, hard road for him and not all the critics have been kind in his absence. Many were puzzled and confused at the bizarre behavior and sightings of Bizzy sleeping in bus stations and on the streets.

Much speculation has surfaced about this drastic turn of events. However, now clean and focused, Bizzy explains, "Wandering in my desolate state, I had an overwhelming desire to surrender myself. My journey then became spiritual and my relationship with God was personal, between me and him."

As a twist of faith would have it, it was through poverty and the renunciation of his ego, that Bizzy crossed a spiritual threshold that turned his journey around to where he is now using his celebrity status to address the plight of the homeless crisis.

"I walked for a purpose. I walked for people who have no home, fame, fortune, or glory. I walked for those people who didn't care whether or not I am a Grammy Award winner or sold millions of records. I walked for the people who have no one to turn to in their time of need. I walked for the real soul survivors," said Bizzy.

While traveling on foot through Ohio, Bizzy said, "I've learned more about life from the homeless, who are the ultimate survivors than I have anywhere else. I admire them. I've learned a lot about respect because I've seen and lived their struggles first hand. When I realized I could be useful in communicating what I had learned, I thought maybe it would inspire other people to educate themselves on this issue and do some good."

Later this year, Bizzy plans to create a revolution in public awareness with his "Walk In My Shoes" outreach campaign that will address this growing problem by forming alliances and partnerships with non-profit homeless organizations serving various regions, beginning with Columbus Ohio.

"Many people don't know this about me, but outside music, my focus has always been to help the homeless and less fortunate," said Bizzy. "This new program will be like the one me and my manager Kanardo, did a few years ago. Twice, within the same year, we rented a private location and gave away more than 1000 dinners that included, fresh turkeys, dressing, vegetables, bread, juices, fruit and desserts to homeless families in the Columbus area. During the Christmas holidays, we did the same thing but on a much larger scale. Not only did we give away food, but shoes as well as clothing and toys to the kids."

Today, Bizzy is busy with a new lease on life and his career. In addition to his advocacy plans, he just inked a major deal with Virgin Records of America and After Platinum Records. His label debut, "A Song For You" is due for a 2007 release. Imperial Records, the urban label and artist development unit of Caroline/EMI music will assist in marketing and promoting the new album.

With his solid team of music industry veterans that includes his managers, Kanardo Davis and Nena Jackson, along with Ernie Romero, CEO of After Platinum Records and the production force of After Platinum Records, Bizzy's says there's little danger that he will ever go back to his old ways. "I'm working with professionals who understand the nature of this business, people that I respect and trust. Our aim is about success in whatever we do and together we will achieve those goals because this is how we roll."

Davis, who has been managing Bizzy for 11 years, throughout all his trials and tribulations said, "Working with Bizzy is truly an amazing experience. Watching him make music in the studio is like witnessing Picasso painting a masterpiece. He is a prodigy in his own right. Whenever one is in Bizzy's presence he has the magical ability to fill your heart and lungs with love and laughter. He believes his mission in life is not only to make beautiful music but also to give to those less fortunate. Both on and off stage, Bizzy exemplifies the true essence of family, love and happiness. He is an inspiration to us all, to love thy neighbor and live life to the fullest."

Jackson, the latest addition to Bizzy's team is a veteran manager, who is well known amongst industry colleagues and professionals for her unique and diverse range of skills collected from her hands-on supervision and guidance of several artists' careers. "Now, into my second project with Bizzy, I understand some things that the world may still be confused about. Bizzy is a genius. He knows exactly what he is doing and everything has a spiritual purpose. Although several independent projects surfaced when Bizzy struggled to keep his head above water, I believe that this will be Bizzy's best solo project ever. He took his time to work on this album and now the old Bizzy Bone is back, with a new flavor and a new attitude," said Jackson.

Romero, CEO of After Platinum Records said about his relationship with Bizzy, "I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to create music with such an unbelievably, brilliant artist and all the more fortunate to share a friendship with such a remarkable human being. Bizzy is a guy who's seen more hard times than most people can even imagine, yet against all odds, he has overcome these adversities while keeping his faith and positive outlook on life. I think it is great Bizzy is using his celebrity status to help people less fortunate and who better to help and inspire these people than someone that has already taken a walk in their shoes."

When asked about whether or not Bizzy and the group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will ever reunite Bizzy explains, "I know some fans out there are waiting for that to happen, but we'll just have to see what the future holds. I love those guys, we made great music together, but everything in life must change, nothing stays the same. I'm going in a different direction, they are too and I wish nothing but success for all of them in their future endeavors."

Throughout his career, Bizzy's personal life has always served as source material for songs and he's had plenty to draw from past experiences. Even in his darkest and most disturbing moments, as real and as painful as they might be, Bizzy is still standing strong like the warrior he is. He stands on his unshakeable faith and truth that with God, and spiritual awareness, anyone can make it through the storms of life.

"Working on the Walk in My Shoes campaign is a great experience," Bizzy said. "Encouragement, comfort and hope runs all through this project. There are so many people who have nothing, while others take so much for granted. I think we owe it to ourselves to look at life as a gift and try to enjoy every minute. People need to hear and see that life is worth living and that even when times are tough, we have a God of hope, who believes in us, and love us unconditionally. I can't wait to drop some knowledge of what I've learned on the fans who understand where I'm coming from."

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About After Platinum: Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, Ernie Romero is the CEO of After Platinum Records and has been involved with bands and individual talent for many years. With many record labels not even willing to give the artist a listen, the After Platinum approach is to cover as many genres of music as possible. In the tradition of great record labels of the past, After Platinum encourages and expects its artist to live up to their title as "artists" and be as original and innovative as possible. The After Platinum production team has had its tracks laced with vocals of some of hip-hops biggest stars including, DMX, Trina, Chris Note'z and of course Bizzy, along with many others. Additionally, After Platinum has also created music with members of the great funk bands from the past including, Sly & The Family Stone and the Bar-Kays.    

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About Imperial Records: Imperial was formerly famous for the recording of early rhythm & blues and rock & roll artist. In June 2006, EMI re-activated the Imperial Records imprint and announced that it will be the full-service Urban Music division of Caroline Distribution, part of Virgin Records. The revived Imperial offers promotions, marketing and digital services for the independent urban music market. Imperial also provides additional resources for developing urban artists within EMI's major labels including Capitol Records and Virgin Records which merged in January 2007 into the Capitol Music Group.

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