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Finally, a straight-talking financial planner with a refreshing in-your-face style, teaching topic-specific money workshops online. Courses range from free to $40 each, with most priced in between. Often irreverent, frequently caustic, always honest and on the money, Errold Moody unveils the basics and nuances of personal finances and investing in clear and engaging ways.

Learn as if surviving tomorrow depends on your ability to financially defend yourself and it does! Moody is a skilled personal financial expert like none other.

Errold Moody's style should not fool anyone. "When it comes to taking care of your money, he may be your best friend and in today's world of money and finances, maybe the only friend you'll have." He is the author of No-Nonsense Finance - the book that tells everything one needs to know about personal financial affairs and how to make money work. Now, Errold Moody breathes life into many money concepts every needs to know.

Imagine, the most definitive, objective and real life "classes" on a host of financial subjects available right from the telephone. These will be valid for almost anyone--educated consumers and investors; college students and attorneys; CPAs, financial planners and other professionals. Take a session and immediately apply.

The first two workshops are free! (1) How to Find a Financial Planner and (2) 401K and Fund Fees. Check out the website for a complete listing of all subjects.

March 12, 2007 6:30pm

(1) How to Find a Financial Planner, Broker, Insurance Agent 1.5 hours

(2) 401(k) and Fund fees- 45 minutes.

$20, $30 and $40 per workshop, depending on level of difficulty.

Examples: Annuities Including Bonus Annuities and Equity Indexed Annuities, payouts, taxation and why a lot of these don't work properly. 1.5 hours. The Fallacy of Dollar Cost Averaging. Charts and statistics 1 hour 45 minutes, understandable and immediately usable by consumers. Standard deviation, Monte Carlo, Efficient Market Theory, Risk Over Time. 1.5 hours. And so many more to choose from.

How about Beta, Alpha and Correlation. Technical material in a real life format. Or Stocks, Diversification, Mutual Funds: Basic format for anyone since hardly anyone knows what diversification is. These are just a sample of the many important sessions Errold Moody will conduct.

Author of No-Nonsense Finance: Errold F. Moody's Guide To Taking Complete Control Of Your Personal Finances (McGraw-Hill, Paperback, 397 pages), Moody is like no other personal financial planner. He teaches you the truth about money and whacks irreverently at misguided conventional wisdom. He is frequently caustic, always honest and right on the money. Moody details everything you need to know about your financial life, how to make your money work for you, and how to debunk Chicken Little-like conventional wisdom.

Unusually well-qualified to write about financial planning, Moody enjoys more credentials than nearly anyone in the field. You may not always like what E.F. Moody has to say, still, you need to hear it.


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