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Infrared themographic imaging, an advanced medical diagnostic tool, is now easily available to horse and animal owners.

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The heat is on all of our horses says Lawrence Nault, President of Inside Out Diagnostics. "and we can show you where."

Advances in modern medical technology are occurring at an incredible rate. The cost of these technologies often limits their availability and usefulness to horse and animal owners though. Inside Out Diagnostic Imaging is now making one of these incredible pieces of technology, infrared thermographic imaging, available to the average horse owner.

Working closely with the staff of Shur Shod Horseshoeing School, an industry leader in training farriers, and the North American Farriers Academy and Research Center, Inside Out has refined the use of infrared technology in evaluating the health and condition of horses. Using technology that is currently being used by medical researchers and recognized by the FDA, the AMA council on Scientific Affairs, the ACA Council on Diagnostic Imaging, the Congress of Neuro-Surgeons, and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Inside Out has the capability to take medical quality thermographic images that are capable of locating problems that other medical imaging equipment often misses. "We can do this right at your horses home using non invasive, non radioactive technology with little more stress on the horse than a photographer snapping pictures," says Tammy Thompson, CEO of Inside Out Diagnostic Imaging.

Inside Out is using infrared thermographic imaging to perform pre-purchase exams on horses, evaluate saddle fit, as well as diagnose health problems. The digital images are intended as a tool for a veterinarian's diagnosis and not a substitute or replacement for a good vet. Using the infrared technology a complete body scan can be done on site and based on their own interpretation of the images or that of one of the IDI analysts the vet can determine if x-rays or further tests are needed and what needs to be x-rayed. "Even if a horse has been drugged to mask injuries or lameness infrared imaging can often reveal the problem," says Rosanne Case, head of the first U.S. Branch of Inside Out. "It can even detect an injury before it starts to show up in the movement of the horse allowing horse owners to treat it before it becomes a major issue."

The medical quality digital images produced by Inside Out technicians can provide horse owners and professionals almost immediate feedback. This was demonstrated recently during a 3 day Vettec product clinic held at Shur Shod Horseshoeing School where farriers attending the course were able to see what was happening in the feet and legs of a foundered horse before it was shod and the almost immediate improvement after it was shod using the Vettec products.

Because of the immediate feedback provide by infrared digital imaging technology it doesn't just excel at assisting in the diagnosis of hard to find problems such as soft tissue injury and nerve damage, it is also a useful tool in monitoring treatments for their effectiveness. "I use an alternative care practitioner for one of my horses," says Tammy Thompson. "Many people are often skeptical about the effectiveness of their methods but using thermography I can see the difference the treatments are making and monitor the improvement. It lets me know if I am throwing good money after bad."

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