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The Z Organization, Global Storytellers (http://www.The-Z.org) promises to transform reading online. The website offers bite-sized weekly serials for free download. These are written in an innovative style, bridging genres and cultures for a global audience. Readers participation is encouraged by onsite polls, quizzes and trivia. Like traditional storytellers, The-Z.org is donations-supported.

The Z Organization, Global Storytellers (http://www.The-Z.org) is set to transform reading online. The website offers bite-sized weekly serials for free download. These are written in an innovative style, bridging genres and cultures for a global audience. Readers are encouraged to explore new ideas online, they can also participate in onsite polls and quizzes.

"Traditional storytelling inspired the serials offered on The-Z.org," says Charles Lee, author of The Wanderer. "Epic tales were originally serialized over multiple storytelling sessions. While the modern publishing industry has created reading markets separated by 'genre', traditional storytellers always engaged a broad audience. Our Global Storytelling website will follow the storytellers' inclusive approach."

Although globalization and the internet are bringing people closer, fantasy epics remain within fixed literary traditions. "I enjoy both Western magical fantasy and Eastern martial arts fantasy," Lee says. "It is time that we had a story that carries both traditions together." Lee has spent years working on Birthright, a tale of global scope. Birthright is offered as the world's first martial arts and magical fantasy epic.

Richard Gore, author of The Gift, considers story sharing important. "People usually read books alone," Gore observes, "but why should a reader be isolated? Reading pleasure is enhanced when the reader can discuss a story with other people. Storytelling was a social affair before books appeared; we can bring back this interactive element via the internet."

Gore writes Global Horror Serials from the perspective of an interviewer who shapes the story with his interviewees. The serial stimulates reader curiosity by incorporating new facts, general trivia and cultural practices. A host culture is introduced and cultures constantly compared. "I aim to make readers feel 'connected' to the world after a busy week in an office cubicle," Gore explained. "My horror is fact-based and tied to world affairs. Readers don't need to know any particular culture to be scared."

The-Z.org offers serials written in the Global Storytelling style, which integrates different genres, subjects and cultural elements. "We developed Global Storytelling for a diverse global audience." Lee says. "It is exemplified in The Z Organization, jointly written by Gore and I. It traces the adventures of four political risk consultants. They telecommute from their ship and participate in various fantastic adventures." Gore compares The Z Organization to conveyer belt sushi. "Readers are kept stimulated by a nonstop parade of new tastes and ideas," Gore observes.

The Z Organization serial gave The-Z.org its name. The letter 'Z' invokes the Z-factor, a math concept about being different. "Since the internet brings together different people, everyone has some kind of Z-factor," Gore says. "We are Global Storytellers and our website is for all!"

Like traditional storytellers, The-Z.org is supported by donations. "We believe that our audience must come first," Lee explains. "As stories are subjective, readers should have discretion on how much to give. This also helps us keep our artistic integrity."

The-Z.org is ad-free and has no commercial ties. New episodes are uploaded every Friday; back episodes are always available for free download. There are polls, quizzes and trivia to engage readers. More detailed information can be found by browsing the site.

Serials currently offered by http://www.The-Z.org:

The Z Organization; which brings together elements found in anime, martial arts, mystery, action-adventure, fact-fiction, science fiction, fantasy and intellectual thrillers.

Global Horror Serials; fact-fiction, reality media and horror genres combined.

Birthright; a historical and literary epic featuring martial arts and magical fantasy.


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