Chronic Asthma Gone in Just 24 Hours; Sufferer Now Lifts The Lid & Exposes The Shocking Lies

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Natasha Gropel unveils some of the hidden truths about asthma and how she cured herself of it in just 24 hours after 18 years of suffering.

Asthma incidents and deaths are an international concern and the stats aren't getting any better. And the truth is there's a ton of information that's being hidden from us…

Since getting rid of chronic asthma in just 24 hours after suffering from it for 18 years, Natasha Gropel has been swamped by questions at on how she did it and what her secret is.

To help alleviate the current stream of panic surrounding asthma, Natasha Gropel answers four of the most common questions that hit her desk every day:

Q: Is it true that some ingredients in my personal care products cause asthma?

A: The sad truth is YES! Many of the mainstream personal care products are packed with toxic chemicals that are a huge health hazard and of far greater risk than ever previously thought.

Q: I'm worried that I've done permanent damage and won't ever be able to get rid of my asthma because of the years that I've unknowingly followed a poor diet.

A: Many foods (as well as food additives) and drinks are a potential cause of asthma…but don't fear, reversing asthma is possible. Although there will be a few changes that need to be made, it is possible to reverse many of the toxic effects of an unhealthy diet. A simple change that you could start implementing today is to try eliminating cow's milk from your diet. This will reduce the mucus congestion in your lungs, making it much easier to breathe.

Q: My doctor said I will have asthma for the rest of my life and will need to take medication every day. This scares the heck out of me. Are there any alternative solutions?

A: That's what my doctor told me as well. That's also what my client's doctors have told them for many years. It is possible to heal yourself and no longer need medication again if you're willing to make a few simple, almost unnoticeable, modifications to your lifestyle. There are many safe and natural solutions that you can try such as eliminating hidden toxins from your home and making a few minor lifestyle changes.

Q: Is asthma hereditary or caused by our environment?

A: Great question!… Study after study has proven that asthma itself is not hereditary, however the lifestyle that got handed down from our parents and grandparents very possibly may be the cause in your life. That's why it's important to have a simple checklist to make sure that the lifestyle you're leading is not killing you.

To learn more about Natasha and her research, visit and receive free guidance and truth about two major hidden causes of this silent killer in her audio gift titled "Asthma Cure Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About!"

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