Trade Innovations Launches Solution for Importers to Direct-File Entries with US Customs & Border Protection

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Trade Innovations develops and launches an Internet based Automated Broker Interface (ABI) direct-filing solution for importers. Among the many reasons to consider direct-filing entries with US Customs & Border Protection are savings, more compliant entries, greater visibility, control and increased supply chain velocity.

Trade Innovations, Inc. (TII), a leader in innovative solutions for facilitating secure and compliant global trade, announced today the development and launch of a direct-filing system branded as TRG Direct for small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) engaged in global commerce.

TRG Direct represents the first ever direct-to-the-importer Internet based Automated Broker Interface (ABI) solution. Today there are approximately 400,000 active importers into the US. A very small percentage of them, usually the larger importers, file their entries directly with US Customs & Border Protection (CBP). The primary impediment for SME's was the capital costs for an ABI program and the hardware to operate it.

"The TRG Direct system is the key for SMEs to unlock the power of their import supply chain and tap into significant savings in the process," Kelby Woodard, TII Co-Principal proclaimed. "In true entrepreneurial spirit, TRG Direct allows SMEs to compete with the larger importers who have the resources to purchase and deploy a static ABI system. Our goal is to provide this often ignored market segment with the flexibility and competitive advantages associated with operating a global supply chain without the prohibitive upfront costs for hardware and software that big importers are straddled with," Woodard continued. TRG Direct offers ABI connectivity for a flat $20 or $30 per entry depending on the plan you choose. There's no software or hardware to buy and you can prepare and file entries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a laptop and an Internet connection. There are no contracts, no minimums, no maximums, no additional classification or line charges, and no additional invoice charges. TRG Direct is extremely flexible and intuitive. The program contains a number of features that limit the potential for transmitting incomplete or inaccurate data to CBP.

Importers can convert to direct-filing under a phased approach while maintaining existing service provider relationships. Every importer has the right to direct-file their import entries with CBP and the process does not require a license or other permit from CBP.

"This product has the ability to completely revolutionize the international trade industry and the way that importers communicate entry data to CBP," said Michael Laden, TII Co-Principal. Just like on-line stock trades, banking, and other secure commerce and self-filing tax programs, TRG Direct leverages the Internet which eliminates the need to purchase expensive software and hardware. The Internet has enabled society and businesses alike to make hotel or flight reservations and execute stock trades. In similar fashion, TRG Direct provides that same flexibility and control for an SME's customs entries.

There are a number of reasons that an importer may choose to direct-file their entries with CBP. The primary reason is to ensure a more compliant import program. The entry is much more likely to be compliant when it is prepared and filed by people who intimately know the product or material being entered with as part of the CBP entry. TRG Direct gives you greater control and visibility into your global supply chain. Direct-filing also increases supply chain velocity by pre-filing entries with CBP up to five (5) days in advance of arrival.

TRG Direct represents a significant opportunity for CBP and embraces their migration to the new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) architecture. The new CBP ACE system is designed to be more interactive with the international trade community and handles each Importer of Record as its own Account. Direct-filing is a natural extension of the direct exchange of information and data elements between CBP and the importers. "CBP is in the process of implementing advanced data element requirements, (10+2, or Security Filing) as mandated by the Safe Ports Act. Importers who establish a direct-filing program will be well ahead of the curve," said Michael Laden.

"Our industry is clamoring for a less expensive, more compliant and efficient way of handling international consignments," said Michael Laden. Importers can view a free software demonstration by visiting and clicking on "Software Demo".

For additional information on TII or the TRG Direct product please contact Mr. Kelby Woodard, or by telephone at (952) 556-5252. You can also visit our web sites at, or the TRG Direct web site at

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