New Radio Program Examines Wireless Health Risks Recognizing the Threat of Electromagnetic Radiation

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As cities across the country ponder the prospect of making Wi-Fi available throughout the community, evidence is mounting that this can create a cause for concern. In her new show Healthy Home Alliance on LadybugLive radio, author and speaker Sue Storm makes the case against this technological proliferation with a careful assessment of the consequences to people's health.

In spite of the well-documented problems of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation and its destructive effects on the human body, the use of wireless networks is growing by leaps and bounds. Many communities are planning citywide Wi-Fi systems.

When Sue Storm, Director of the Healthy Home Alliance, learned that her town of Naperville, Illinois, was planning such a network she sprang into action. Firmly convinced that educating the public is the best way to stop the installation of a citywide Wi-Fi system, she has begun a series of informative talks. Storm's Healthy Home Alliance on LadybugLive radio raises people's awareness about this growing problem.

Storm has acquired a great deal of information about all aspects of the impact of radiation on humans and sees her mission as: "… Creating a safe, healthy atmosphere for families and the environment by providing education on the hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation." Such information is critical for citizens in their efforts to make informed choices about the issues that affect them, their families, and their health.

"Children are three times more susceptible to microwave radiation than adults, so it's extremely important for all the issues to be considered. Their vulnerability must be taken into account when assessing the consequences of our escalating exposure to more and more EMF radiation" says Storm.

The health risks, however, are not limited to children. Wireless radiation can contribute to breaks in stands of DNA, damaging the blueprints of life. Aging, Alzheimer's, melanoma, Parkinson's and brain tumors have been linked to excessive radiation. Minimizing exposure is the best thing individuals can do for their own health. Certainly every citizen needs to be informed about the nature and extent of this insidious threat.

Sue Storm asks the question we all need to ask ourselves about this new technology: "Are the consequences worth the risk?"

About Sue Storm:

Sue Storm, writer, speaker, activist, and concerned citizen of Naperville, Illinois, founded the Healthy Home Alliance nine years ago in an effort to get a cellular tower removed from her neighborhood. This was successful as the tower was moved to another location. She has provided information on the issues surrounding health associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation in various venues, including expert appearances in print, such as the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Naperville Sun as well as being featured on radio and television.


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