The Value of Silver Surged 57% in 2006--Owners of Sterling Silver Hollow Ware and Jewelry Are Encouraged To Protect Their Investment With Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care's Unique Array Of Products

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With Silver surging in value to prices not seen since 1983, owners of silver jewelry, hollow ware and other items should protect their investment with the Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care's assortment of anti tarnish products.

Silver, a common metal for flatware, hollow ware and jewelry tarnishes very easily. Anyone who owns silver knows how difficult it can be to keep it sparkling and tarnish free.

Items that were once considered special adornments for the home or a semi-valuable piece of jewelry could now be considered important investments due the spectacular rise in silver prices in 2006. With the price of silver being so high, protecting silver from tarnish and corrosion is a top priority more than ever.

Consumers with silver items to protect would be wise to investigate the comprehensive line up of anti tarnish products available from Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care.

According to Marc Rothenberg, President of Intercept Silver and Jewelry Care, our line up of products works effectively because the anti tarnish strips, tabs and bags contain reactive materials that bond with and neutralize corrosive gases that try to penetrate the film.

"The items protected by our anti tarnish products remain unharmed, clean, and tarnish free. In addition, our state of the art tarnish prevention products are environmentally safe, non-toxic, and non-abrasive. Our products are temperature and humidity independent, and do not leave deposits on items it protects," comments Rothenberg.

The Intercept Technology™ products are not just for the personal consumer. Manufacturers of silver are turning to Intercept Technology™ to protect products from the point of production. Some silver jewelry manufacturers are also using rhodium plating to protect silver from tarnishing. However, this metal now runs almost $6,000 per ounce making its use cost prohibitive. "Many manufacturers are discovering that it is far more cost effective to use the Intercept Technology™. Rhodium also has a reputation for eventually wearing off unevenly, leaving the silver item spotty and unsightly. That doesn't happen when manufacturers utilize our products," Rothenberg concludes.

Any silver manufacturer or consumer with silver items to protect can find out more about the unique line up of Intercept Technology™ anti tarnish products by browsing the Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Company's website or contacting the company directly.

About Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Company:

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Company is an exclusive authorized distributor of Intercept Technology™ anti-corrosion and anti tarnish products for the silver and jewelry industries in the United States and certain territories outside of the U.S.

The anti tarnish products incorporate Corrosion Intercept® and Static Intercept® polymers that react with and permanently neutralize corrosive gases that lead to corrosion and tarnishing of metals, both precious metals as well as other metals used in silver and jewelry products.

At Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Company, Corrosion intercept® and Static Intercept® are available throughout the entire tarnish prevention product line. Customers are afforded the finest in anti tarnish packaging and storage systems as well as custom products for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.


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