New Algae Control Package from Natural Environmental Systems

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Natural Environmental Systems, LLC announces the release of a total algae control package for large and small applications to safely and naturally treat problem ponds.

Natural Environmental Systems, LLC has developed an effective algae control combination to safely treat algae problems in all types of ponds and ornamental water environments. The package combines the popular GreenClean granular algaecide to effectively kill living algae with Natural Environmental System's Pond Keeper beneficial bacteria that degrades the resulting dead algae, along with removing problematic phosphate and nitrate caused by other organic matter like fish waste and excess fish food and fertilizers, to maintain a healthy pond balance.

The GreenClean product used in this combination is an EPA registered granular algaecide that kills string and other types of algae on contact, with visible results in as little as 48 hours. The product is effective on waterfalls and other stone surfaces and works well in all size ponds from small backyard ponds to large multi-acre ponds. Unlike many algaecides on the market, this product is safe for fish, plants and pets once added to water.

The 2nd part of the package is Pond Keeper beneficial pond bacteria. Pond Keeper is added 48 hours after the application of GreenClean to degrade and remove the dead algae caused by the application of GreenClean. This is a crucial step in preserving the balance in the pond water and preventing oxygen loss, as well as improving the pond aesthetics. Excessive amounts of dead algae require a great deal of oxygen to degrade, which can compromise the health of the water and even cause fish kills. Pond Keeper pond bacteria efficiently breaks down organic matter like dead algae, fish waste, excess food, etc. to keep water clean and clear and preserve dissolved oxygen levels.

The combination of these two products will provide pond owners with a complete algae control program they can rely on to keep their ponds clear and attractive, while keeping it safe for its inhabitants and the people that enjoy them.

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About Natural Environmental Systems

Natural Environmental Systems L.L.C., headquartered in Dallas, TX, offers a line of all-natural, chemical free, live microbial products that are highly effective in controlling a wide array of environmental and sanitation problems. The company sells products for soil, plants, grease traps, septic systems, pond maintenance and animal health and odor control, along with bioremediation and spill clean-up.

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