Triumph Construction, Inc. Hooks Up With Rachael Ray for National Television Segment

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General contractor Triumph Construction, Inc. is asked to be the installation crew for a segment of the nationally televised Rachael Ray show. Rachael asks home security expert Al Corbi to show her how to secure a typical American home.

On March 9, 2007, Los Angeles high end home builder and remodeler Triumph Construction, Inc. will make their debut on national television. Although the segment piece on the Rachael Ray show is not about Triumph, they were a key component in making the segment come together.

The piece is a "home security make-over" where Rachael Ray has asked Al Corbi, considered a world authority on security solutions, to take three typical American homes and provide some simple and inexpensive solutions to secure the homes from common break-ins.

Bill Rosenberg, the owner of Triumph Construction, Inc., explains, "We were asked by the producers of the show and Al Corbi if we could help demonstrate how to secure a standard American home by using fairly standard, off the shelf products. The full day project was fun for our crew, plus, we were able to help three families secure their homes."

The products used were simple and could be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store. For example, all the sliding windows were secured by installing a removable steel pin at key locations. At the front doors Triumph Construction installed a peep hole, which from inside you see a full video like image of the exterior. A child could look up from their level and see, head to toe, the person standing outside the door. Also, as Bill explains, "a standard front door is easily broken into and normally will break where the hinges pull out of the frame. By simply changing out the existing screws and installing 3 1/2" long steel screws that bite into the framing of the home, the door will be near impossible to break down." And for extra protection, Triumph installed a metal latch which mounts at the upper corner where the door meets the wall and slides over the door in case the door locks were to fail. At exterior sliding doors the team installed slide bolts, which mount onto the door and slide into the floor or into the header of the door, keeping the door from being able to be lifted off its track and removed. Also, at one house, the garage had an unsecured people door (in addition to the garage door) where thieves could easily enter and steal cars or tools, or use those tools to break into the house. Simply installing a deadbolt on the door and making sure the garage door had proper locks completely secured this area. Other security measures taken were to install motion detector lights at the four corners of the house, and at one home Triumph installed the "Robodog" which works like a motion detector but barks like a dog when there is any movement outside. Electronically, one home was set up with a simple wireless video monitoring device which had three cameras on the exterior plus one for the baby's room, all controlled by the owner's existing home computer. In addition, "Smart Home" technology was used with a wireless control pad, which when you replace the existing switches, can control the entire house with a touch of one button. You can program the device to have certain lights turn on at desired times of the day for security reasons, or even to provide mood lighting, set up to come on every Friday night at 9:00 p.m.

The producer of the show was thrilled with the outcome and wrote to Bill at Triumph Construction, Inc. saying, "Thank you for stepping up to the plate and delivering what I believe will be a life changing and life saving show for millions of people. I know the obstacles you faced, from brush fires to impossible deadlines, and I am in awe of how you all pulled this together in such a professional and impressive manner."

The show was filmed in Los Angeles and in New York in February and will air on Friday March 9, 2007.

About Triumph Construction, Inc. General Contractor:

Triumph Construction, Inc. is a Los Angeles based General Contractor that specializes in new and remodeled high-end homes. The company has been working in the area for over 20 years, building and remodeling all styles of homes including traditional, modern, contemporary, as well as restoration construction.


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