Author, Body Builder and Biomechanics Genius Says Book and Weight Training DVD Give Insight Into Individual Training Techniques for Fastest Muscular Stimulation and Hypertrophy

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A brief look into the brilliant book and DVD by author, professor and 51-year-old natural bodybuilder Paul Burke.

For those of you who haven't heard of Paul Burke, he is that rare breed indeed; one of brain and brawn like no one has seen since the days of Greece. He is a mountain of a man at six feet and 250 pounds of rock hard muscle, but more than anything, he is analytical and wise beyond centuries of all those strongmen and bodybuilders with a mind before him.

Burke, a former arm-wrestling and bodybuilding champion, turned professor, author, writer and producer of a new and remarkable Weight Training DVD, seems to have all the right moves, have done all the right dieting and training to look as good as he ever did when competing in his twenties and thirties.

Burke, the author of the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed fitness book,"Burke's Law," A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male and the mastermind behind a truly brilliant Weight Training DVD that shows this 51-year-old natural bodybuilder go through the grueling training paradigm that he has developed to help all men, not only gain muscle faster, but also, to take no more than 45 minutes three times a week training with weights to bring about the greatest results. "But, he says with real heart, "it is all in the book and DVD and could never be summed up in a short article." After an hour with Burke, you know that this is a man with a mountain of wisdom and brilliance and it is really our gain that he has written about his analysis of the human body and this truly amazing Training DVD.

Burke, who considers himself a true "teacher," is not only remarkable with his bodybuilding and biomechanical understanding, but as Dr. Barry Sears (Of "The Zone" fame) puts it, "even more remarkable is that Burke has done all of this with a chronic illness that would have left most people to a life of inactivity." Yes, as if Burke's incredible life wasn't amazing enough, he does it all with Multiple Sclerosis.

After being diagnosed in 1994, all of Burke's doctors told him he would eventually lose not only the use of his legs, but also his arms. This motivated Burke to delve into studying more about the body than ever before in his bodybuilding career. After receiving a Master's Degree in Integrated Studies from Cambridge College, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Burke began experimenting with ways to monitor his parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Coupled with changing his diet in rotation fashion in order to understand which foods were doing certain various physiological alterations to Burke's body, he began to understand the mystery of what doctors and scientists alike have been trying to for decades about the horrors that can be a part of MS.

Burke's spinal lesions are so large, and in the cervical spine, that all of the neurologists that looked at his MRI's were convinced that his life would soon be one of quadriplegia. Determined and realistically optimistic, not only is he still training with weights, but over the past four to five years he has been gaining muscle at an alarming rate for anyone, let alone a 51-year-old man with MS.

And, it is the very MS disease that allowed Burke the insights that he has to know, not only how muscle grows; but, more importantly, how the various nervous systems play such a big part in that biological magic that heals the body. As Burke puts it, "There is no better feeling than to watch your body grow well into the second half of life." "And, what's more, is that I love to teach people and help people achieve their goals; whether it be grow bigger muscles, or recover from MS, I love to help everyone and anyone with the ability to understand my logic and the guts to use it."

"If every man read my book and watched my DVD, they would understand what they need to do to reach their goals of muscular hypertrophy and fat loss at mid-life, and, be as healthy as possible all throughout one's life."

Paul Burke may not be a household name, but he really should be. He is nothing short of remarkable.

To purchase "Burke's Law, A New Fitness Paradigm for the Mature Male, go to, or you can purchase it from

To purchase Burke's Weight Training DVD; you can go to, or you can get them faster by writing to Paul yourself at

To read Paul's monthly column on these subjects, pick up "Iron Man" Magazine and look for his fantastic articles about everything for men at mid-life utilizing his well-earned wisdom and empirical knowledge. As World Champion Power-lifter and inventor of the Reebok "Pump" Belt, Steve Cardillo puts it, "Paul Burke is simply the most talented person on the planet."


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