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Few cities in the world are more admired (or questioned) than San Francisco, California. A weekly podcast brings the unique events, insider news, and commentary about living in San Francisco. From the far out politics, the bizarre festivals and the naked nightlife (or is it the naked festivals and bizarre nightlife?), host Gregory Zephyr brings all the information you always wanted to know about but never knew where to get it.

What do a National Guard Armory turned porn studio, the biggest Chinese New Year parade outside Asia, 22,000 evangelical Christian teens, protestors living in a tree, and the Queen Mary 2 have in common? Not much, except they were all a part of life in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California in the past month.

Whether it's the weird events and wacky people (or wacky events and weird people), San Francisco generates more than its share of oddball characters and unique behavior. A new Internet program, Anything San Francisco, serves up a taste of San Francisco in a weekly podcast online. Locals know what Hetch Hetchy is (hint: it's not a dance step), how to pronounce 'Embarcadero,' why everyone wants to get crabs in November, and what happens at the annual Exotic Erotic Ball. But for those who wish they lived in the City by the Bay (or those who just want to visit and not act like a tourist), this is a show not to be missed. Go beyond the touristy things like Fisherman's Wharf, cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Chinatown.

Host Gregory Zephyr says of the show, "Sure, there are plenty of important national and global headlines originating from this city. Folks like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Giants ball player Barry Bonds, and Apple's Steve Jobs are doing big things but plenty of news shows cover them. Anything San Francisco pledges to ignore the headlines, and ignore the important events. Our show focuses on the stories that people really want to know about. Like the woman who was so distraught over a tree being cut down in front of her apartment building that she had to be restrained by the police. Or the mysterious naked jogger who's never been caught."

Prominent journalist Steve Friess (Newsweek, USA Today, The New York Times) who hosts his own podcast from Las Vegas said of Zephyr, "He does a very good job. I have to say, San Francisco is one of those cities that, like Vegas, has its groupies."

Keeping up with what's going down in the Bay Area is not an easy task. But, Zephyr serves up the city in little bite-size pieces with a little bit of useful information and plenty of useless trivia mixed in with some great music from local bands and singers. So, jump on the bandwagon (or the cable car) and have a listen to a little bit of life in San Francisco.

Anything San Francisco can be found on Apple iTunes in the Society & Culture category under Places & Travel or on any number of other podcast directories. Check out http://www.anythingSF.com for more information or on MySpace at anythingSF. (And, don't forget to wear some flowers in your hair.)


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