Dr. David McLaughlin Reporting Huge Success With da Vinci Robotic Surgery

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The FDA approved da Vinci robotic surgical system has been successfully used in a number of procedures nationwide and while not currently in use everywhere, is expected to soon be the norm for a wide variety of surgical procedures. The use of robotic surgery that is minimally invasive, reduces bleeding, pain and scarring, promotes a quick recovery and enables the patient to assume a normal routine in a matter of days instead of weeks is presently available for a number of medical procedures.

Dr. David McLaughlin, director of the Women's Specialty Health Center and an eminent and skilled physician with over 30 years of experience, is a trained and certified robotic surgeon that uses the FDA approved da Vinci surgical system to insure that the very best in technology and care is available to his patients who must undergo a hysterectomy or other gynecologic surgery to improve their quality of life. Dr. McLaughlin has used the robotic surgical system since 2005 and has performed a number of surgical procedures that have enabled his patients to recover quickly, with less pain and discomfort than that associated with traditional surgical procedures.

Robotic surgery enables a skilled physician, to operate using a minimally invasive procedure which extends the knowledge and capabilities of the surgeon to insure a successful outcome. For a hysterectomy procedure using the robotic system, small incisions of about one inch are required versus the significantly larger incision needed for the traditional open hysterectomy procedure.

Additionally, surgeon dexterity is improved and the 3D imaging system provided to the surgeon actually provides better visualization than what might normally be available using the open hysterectomy procedure. The result of this precision surgery is that bleeding, pain, scarring and any bodily trauma experienced is at an absolute minimum. This leads to a significantly faster post-operative recovery and enables the patient to quickly return to their normal daily activities. Typically, the recovery time from a hysterectomy is reduced by more than fifty percent with a concomitant reduction in the length of hospitalization. Robotic surgery can also can be used for a range of other gynecologic surgeries that may be necessary and Dr. McLaughlin uses the system for the removal of fibroids, ovarian cysts and ovaries as well as for the treatment of endometriosis and other procedures.

Dr. McLaughlin and his staff have trained extensively to provide the best that is available for women by combining the most technologically advanced equipment with the most compassionate and caring staff that can be assembled to insure that every avenue for a successful road to recovery is assured. The robotic surgery system and the staff of the Womens Specialty Health Care Center offer women the very best in compassionate care and modern medical technical advances. A video clip about the robotic surgical system is now available on the web-site as well as testimonials from women who have benefited from da Vinci surgery and many others that have received care from Dr. McLaughlin and his staff.

A tour of FamilyJoy.net provides education and insight into the technical training, qualifications, character and background of the caring and compassionate staff that has been personally selected by Dr. McLaughlin to provide the very best medical and emotional environment available for his patients.


Dr. David McLaughlin, Director

Women's Specialty Health Centers, P.C.




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