Sporting Advantage Inc. Announces Improved Version of Their Basketball Shooting Practice Product - the shootAndstar Rebounder

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Sporting Advantage Inc., based in Mackinaw IL, manufactures and markets a patent pending basketball training device that enables basketball players to practice basketball shooting by themselves. They can practice shooting from anywhere on the basketball court and this device quickly returns both made and missed basketball shots.

Sporting Advantage Inc. announces the introduction of a new improved version of the shootAndstar rebounder. The new version of this basketball shooting practice product was developed based on feedback from customers and testing over the last 2 years. Glenn Hudson, President of Sporting Advantage Inc. believes that the new improved version is the perfect basketball shooting practice device and that its low cost will enable anyone that wants to become a better basketball shooter to be able to purchase a unit for their home court. Hudson also believes that institutions will benefit from the low cost by enabling them to purchase 3, 4 or more units to allow several team members to efficiently practice shooting based on their individual needs.

The first units of the new improved version of the product were shipped out March 9th, 2007. Every coast & region of the country were represented in the first shipment including customers from California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Idaho as well as several other states. Hudson believes that in the not to distant future, you will see a shootAndstar rebounder in most towns throughout the United States as well as in many foreign countries.

With the introduction of the new improved version of the product, a new series of videos have been produced that show what a fantastic basketball shooting workout you can get using the shootAndstar rebounder. You can view these videos on the company's website as well as on DVDs that the company plans on distributing to interested potential customers. You can quickly view a 5 minute high speed video demonstration of the shootAndstar rebounder by clicking on the following link- .

Since the introduction of the shootAndstar rebounder almost 2 years ago, customers from over 40 states have purchased the shootAndstar rebounder. Also, Sporting Advantage Inc. has shipped units to several Provinces in Canada and to customers as far away as Australia. Per Hudson, his company receives inquiries regularly from interested potential customers from various foreign countries but the high cost of shipping which is usually more than the cost of the unit prevents a lot of those potential sales.

The shootAndstar rebounder was introduced to the market place in April of 2004 via its ecommerce website . The shootAndstar rebounder is a basketball training device designed so basketball players can efficiently practice shooting by themselves. It has an apparatus that attaches to any backboard with two wings that pivot and support a net that extends below and in front of the backboard out to two moveable extension poles that sit in plastic bases filled with sand. The net catches both made and missed basketball shots and quickly returns them to the shooter. The wings of the apparatus along with the net and extension poles can be easily moved into three positions so that a basketball player can practice shooting from anywhere on the basketball court.

There are no other basketball shooting practice devices on the market quite like the shootAndstar rebounder. All the other similar basketball shooting training devices available either are low cost devices that don't return both made and missed shots, especially from any location on the basketball court, or are very expensive shooting practice units that cost $1,500 to over $5,000 plus shipping costs. A shootAndstar rebounder can be purchased for under $250 plus shipping costs.

Up to this point in time, Sporting Advantage Inc. has just used word of mouth and the Internet to spread the word about this new revolutionary basketball shooting practice product. With the introduction of the new improved version of this basketball shooting product, the company will dramatically increase its marketing efforts.

You can purchase the shootAndstar rebounder or get more information about it by viewing it at the company's ecommerce website . You can contact Sporting Advantage Inc. at (309) 359-6100. The shootAndstar rebounder is not available in stores.


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