New York Speaks Up - First Nas Told Us That Hip Hop Was Dead... Now REBEL Tells Us Who Killed It And How To Resurrect It

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New York Speaks Up. First Nas Told Us That Hip Hop Was Dead…Now REBEL Tells Us Who Killed It And How To Resurrect It. Former Roc-a-Fella Records Artist REBEL Outlines The Downfalls Of The Music Industry And gives His Solutions For A Cure.

In what he describes as his Open Letter to Hip Hop, New York rapper REBEL (formerly of the Roc-a-Fella Records group Diamonds in da Ruff) pens an article for hip hop website discussing the plight of the unsigned rapper and the devastating effect it's having on the industry.

REBEL speaks as the voice of experience as a rapper who was once signed to a major label, and now years later, is an unsigned artist starting a solo career.

A rapper, who like many, is constantly being told that his music is hot but that he needs to continue to build his buzz before anyone will take a serious listen.

REBEL's letter takes you on an honest journey that addresses challenges faced by unsigned artists, feelings of dismay voiced by fans as well as the actions and words of the major players in "the game" (execs, DJs, A&Rs, etc…) and what effect they have on the music.

More than just a laundry list of complaints REBEL sends a wake-up call and outlines what actions need to be taken to help breath new life into the game and to insure that the "air" it receives is of the finest quality.


"…I mean what happened to giving a voice to unsigned artist? When did introducing new talent become such a daunting task for record labels? And when did rappers become marketers first and artists second?

The last time I checked creating a buzz used to be the job of labels and publicists. What happened to A&Rs spending their days and nights searching the underground scene for new talent?

I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions:

·    Why are there so few new artists?

·    Why do so many rappers have to sign with DJs or producers or someone else with "industry ties" before someone will notice them?

·    Why do ties get you noticed? What does who you know have to do with making music?

·    Why is the beef card being played so often?

·    Why on the Internet where space is unlimited and essentially free are so many sites still weighed down by politics when it comes to introducing new artists?

·    Why does it seem like the quality of rappers is so inconsistent?

·    What happened to the love of making music that you're excited for people to hear?

·    When did grown men begin using interviews to gossip instead of showing off their skills or introducing what they're about?

·    Why are the same 4 or 5 producers on every album?

·    Why do the same people keep getting jobs as "talent scouts" and executives without being able to produce a proven track record?

The answer to all of those questions revolves around the sad but true fact that everyone on some level is scared to take a risk…"

Who better to listen to than an artist who is in the trenches everyday and truly saddened by what he sees not from a financial standpoint but from an honest love for hip hop and a true desire to see it flourish.

REBEL is a monthly contributor to and musical force to be reckoned with. He is definitely a play to watch in '07.

Read REBEL's Open Letter to Hip hop at HHNLive:

Check Out New Music From REBEL Produced by former Jay-Z producer SKIbeatz:

"Holla When It's Real" - - is a truly lyrical record laid over a hard hitting beat that is as melodic as it is dark

REBEL is available for interviews upon request.

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