World's Last Chance New Video Shows How Protestants Are Not Really Bible-Believing Christians

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Are Protestants really Bible-only believing Christians? World's Last Chance discusses the conflict between human traditions and God's word and how it will affect future prosperity.

World's Last Chance unveils how most Protestants have abandoned the great Protestant principle by adopting human traditions in place of God's word. This online ministry claims the strongest evidence for this neglect is the contempt of most churches to the Lord's fourth commandment, "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy."

According to World's Last Chance, no error accepted by the Christian world strikes more boldly against Heaven, goes against the dictates of reason, and is deadly in its consequences than that the law of God is no longer binding upon humans. They claim the Christian world must realize that by rejecting the law of God, Christians are denying the authority of the Lawgiver.

They maintain that as every country has its laws, so does the Creator of heaven and earth have laws. "Suppose that ministers were to teach that the laws of our country were no longer binding because they restricted our freedom, how long would such teachings be tolerated?" questions Dahlia Doss of World's Last Chance. "Yet the same people teach a worse sophism trampling, and encouraging others to trample on God's precepts."

World's last chance quotes a Protestant author who stated, 'It would be far more consistent for nations to abolish their statutes, and permit the people to do as they please, than for the Ruler of the universe to annul His law, and leave the world without a standard to condemn the guilty or justify the obedient.'

"God chose the Sabbath as an eternal memorial for creating the earth. Thus the Sabbath is for all humanity. Furthermore, God expects His creatures to keep this commemorative day for in it we show obedience and love to our Creator and acknowledge Him as our Lord," Doss said. "Man has no right to alter or modify this consecrated day any more than a German has the right to alter the fourth of July for Americans."

Bible prophecy indicates that soon there will be laws to impose the sacredness of a counterfeit Sabbath (Sunday), according to World's Last Chance. This conflict between the laws of men and the precepts of God will be the last great conflict in the controversy between truth and error. The eternal destiny of every living person will be determined by this controversy.

"The birth of Protestantism came forth in 'protesting' against the unbiblical beliefs of the Catholic Church. Today, although the Bible is within the reach of all, many are misinformed believing that the law of God has been changed or abrogated," said Doss.

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