Tungle Unveils Peer-to-Peer Meeting Coordinator to Tame the Time Management Jungle

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Enables users to easily and effectively schedule meetings with friends, co-workers or business associates across time management or groupware systems and networks

Tungle is powerful and unlike any other online calendar solution available to people today

Tungle, the peer-to-peer (P2P) meeting coordinator, unveiled today, a limited beta version of its solution. Tungle enables users to leverage their current calendaring solutions, to easily and effectively organize meetings with friends, co-workers or business associates that use different groupware or desktop time management systems.

"Tungle is powerful and unlike any other online calendar solution available to people today," said Marc Gingras, chief executive officer at Tungle Corporation. "Before a user sends a meeting request, our solution gives users a snapshot view of the times their friends, co-workers or business associates are free or busy. This makes it much easier to schedule meetings, and why this feature is so popular within corporate workgroup environments. Because Tungle transcends a single corporation or computer system, people can schedule meetings with friends, colleagues or co-workers no matter where they are or what time management or groupware solution they use. As we progress through the beta period, we will continue to add the features that users find effective - and that set us apart from the competition."

Tungle is a P2P meeting coordinator that is downloaded and installed by the end user. Its one-click setup automatically installs the software and seamlessly integrates with a user's time management and calendaring system. Because it is platform and application agnostic, Tungle enables professionals to leverage their current time management and calendaring application to see the Free / Busy times of their friends, co-workers or business associates.

In addition, Tungle provides a native, enterprise-class meeting scheduler that automatically suggests times when multiple contacts are available. This enables people to easily coordinate activities with their friends or colleagues.

Privacy, Portability, Accessibility & Scalability

Tungle leverages its P2P network to ensure the privacy of users and their meeting information. The meeting information remains within the application on the PC of each individual. The Free / Busy information is only shared with the friends, co-workers or business associates they invite. Because Tungle leverages a P2P network, users are able to access and use Tungle even when they are not connected to the Internet. Additionally, Tungle's architecture enables it to work across networks and firewalls.

Tungle's P2P network supports millions of users without requiring the dedicated infrastructure of a major web portal. This also means that users will not experience slowdowns or system overloads - like they can when using client / server-based systems.

Key Features

  •     Tungle Client - Tungle will be compatible with all major groupware, desktop and online time management / calendaring systems. This goal demonstrates Tungle's commitment to being a universal, cross-platform, meeting coordination tool. The initial beta release of Tungle fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2003. Over the next few weeks and months, Tungle will add compatibility with Outlook 2000, 2002, 2007, Google Calendar and other leading calendaring and time management solutions
  •     Tungle Viewer - The Tungle Viewer enables users to quickly and easily view the availability of other trusted Tungle users, in order to suggest appropriate meeting times. Tungle allows users to view their colleagues' calendars from the Tungle Viewer or by using their application's existing infrastructure.
  •     Tungle Relationship Management - Tungle enables professionals to easily manage their data-sharing relationships with friends, co-workers or business colleagues. Users have the ability to grant their colleagues different levels of access, depending on the relationship. Initially, three levels are supported: no sharing, share availability and the ability to have the application suggest times, without displaying availability. Additional levels of sharing will include full calendar details and calendar editing.
  •     Tungle Suggest - Tungle provides users with a scheduling wizard, Tungle Suggest, enabling them to quickly schedule meetings with colleagues. With this dialog, users can quickly zoom in on meeting times appropriate to all colleagues with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  •     Privacy: Tungle Peer-to-Peer Architecture - As a peer-to-peer network, Tungle does not rely on a central server or device to share information between users. The information remains on the personal computer of the user, and is only shared with their trusted friends or colleagues. Tungle's P2P Engine manages the secure transmission of information and uses advanced authentication and encryption measures to protect the privacy of the user and maintain the integrity of the network.
  •     Cross Network - Because trusted colleagues may be located on different networks, Tungle's P2P framework - similar to that of Skype - allows the solution to communicate through firewalls without requiring configuration.

Premium Features

Tungle will also make available, several premium service features. Advanced Tungle Synchronization will allow users to seamlessly synchronize their home and office calendars, Outlook-to-Outlook or Outlook to Google Calendar. Advanced Tungle Suggest will provide automated meeting availability searches, by date and time of day, by polling the Free / Available calendars of one or multiple Tungle contacts. The company will continue to make new, premium service features available to users.

Pricing & Availability

Tungle is a FREE peer-to-peer meeting organizer. It is being distributed in a controlled beta distribution. People can go to the Tungle website at http://www.tungle.com and sign up to be a Tungle beta customer. To ensure that Tungle's beta customers can effectively test the solution, each accepted user will receive five tokens, enabling them to invite up to five other people to join their initial network.

Advanced Tungle Synchronization and Advanced Tungle Suggest will be made available sometime during the beta program. Users will be able to select Premium Tungle Features singly or in packages. Pricing for Advanced Tungle Synchronization is expected to be priced at $10.00 a year. Advanced Tungle Suggest is also expected to be priced at $10.00 a year.

Over the course of the coming weeks, Tungle will add additional standard and premium features.

About Tungle

Founded in 2006, Tungle is the peer-to-peer (P2P) meeting coordinator. It enables professionals to easily and effectively schedule meetings with friends, co-workers or business associates. Because Tungle transcends a single corporation or computer system, people can coordinate meetings with friends, colleagues or co-worker no matter where they are or what time management software or groupware application they use. For more information about Tungle visit http://www.tungle.com

Note: The Tungle name and the Tungle logo are the property of Tungle Corporation. All other brands, trademarks or service marks are the property of their respective holders.


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