The Secret Movie And Law Of Attraction Challenged By Psychologist, Cult and Persuasion Experts - Oprah and Larry King Drop The Ball

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Psychologist Kevin Hogan and Persuasion Experts Dave Lakhani and Blair Warren host a roundtable discussion on the validity of the claims made by teachers cited in The Secret.

teachers. Where were the quantum physicists, the behavioral psychologists, and other experts during the interviews

The movie and book taking the nation by storm "The Secret" has met with few challenges to it's message of "Your thoughts attract everything in your life". And, while the idea sounds innocuous and seems like just more self help pop psychology, no one is asking the hard questions like "where's the proof?" This Wednesday March 21st at 9:00pm, Eastern psychologist and author Dr. Kevin Hogan, cult and persuasion expert Dave Lakhani and Television Producer and Persuasion expert Blair Warren are hosting an international round table to discuss the issues and the challenges with The Secret. They consider it much more than pop psychology and a flash in the pan cultural phenomenon, they consider it a very dangerous idea that leads that is being used to manipulate thinking and cause people to make very unwise choices. All of the details are available at

"Larry King and Oprah two people who pride themselves on asking tough questions dropped the ball when they interviewed "The Secret" teachers. Where were the quantum physicists, the behavioral psychologists, and other experts during the interviews," asked Hogan and Lakhani.

Kevin Hogan says, "the idea that we attract everything into our lives including rape, torture and genocide as Rhonda Byrne said of the people of Rwanda is preposterous." There is simply no valid scientific evidence that exists today that has been tested and peer reviewed that suggests anything of the sort is even remotely possible, yet the teachers of The Secret say it as if it were something every second grader knows. When questioned, they simply say that they have "testimonials" and "personal examples" that prove the statements. The other interesting subterfuge is to say that they've personally studied the phenomenon and have validated it, but they can't explain their scientific methods.

Dave Lakhani was raised in a cult and sees a different sort of problem. "People listen to this message and they stop thinking, they turn over their personal power to an idea and a belief in something that doesn't exist and can't be proven, then blame themselves for not getting the results they were promised. They then spend more and more money trying to learn what they missed until they are broke financailly, mentally, emotionally and spiritually," he said.

All the experts agree that The Secret is one of the best orchestrated marketing plans organized and implemented in recent history. But that should come as no surprise either, most of the experts in the movie are expert marketers. It is doubtful if this movie would have achieved the level of success it did without the support of marketers and without employing The Ziegarnik effect in their efforts to seduce the public.

The 90 minute roundtable cill is free and open to anyone who wants to attend by phone. To register, send an email to thesecret or go to where the recording will be posted for replay after the event.

For more information or to schedule interviews contact Dave Lakhani at 866-366-0308.

Dr. Kevin Hogan is the author of Covert Persuasion and The Psychology of Persuasion and can be found at Blair Warren is a television producer and persuasion expert. Learn more at Dave Lakhani is the author of Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want and President of, he was raised in a religious cult.


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