PDF3D™ Announces Compatibility with Adobe® Acrobat 8 Suite

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PDF3D-SDK, the 3D technical publishing technology from Visual Technology Services Ltd., provides an Adobe® Acrobat® 8 compatible content creation toolkit.

The PDF3D™ SDK toolkit generates interactive 3D graphics in standard PDF files or can generate U3D files that may be imported and managed by Acrobat® Professional or Acrobat® 3D, enabling new productivity document work-flows with a developer’s geometric API. Acrobat 8 can then enable advanced document security, review and document mark-up processes.

The PDF3D toolkit enables users to create document files containing interactive 3D graphics and to merge material from existing PDFs. Vendors now have the opportunity of enhanced PLM workflow by combining PDF3D-SDK with Adobe® Acrobat 8 product suite. Content Publishers can now distribute 3D PDF files without recipients being forced to download any plug-in, separate viewer or file conversion applications.

“We have designed PDF3D™ for maximum compatibility with the latest versions of Adobe® Acrobat and Adobe Reader. We are pleased to offer complimentary enhancement technologies coincident with Adobe’s version 8 releases,” said Ian Curington, CEO of Visual Technology Services Ltd. “For applications where 3D content is generated on-the-fly, PDF3D-SDK can be used to create Acrobat 7/8 compatible files offering ISVs a new publishing pathway, with immediate availability through our ISV/OEM program.”

Historically, major barriers block sharing 3D models, and embedding 3D views inside documents has been very rare. “The problem is, not everyone has the same data and not everyone as the same visualization needs. For the most part, vendors of these applications have been unable to field an off-the-shelf application that serves the needs of a wide cross section of any one market. Unlike word processors, spreadsheets and databases, visualization applications are not generalized tools that apply to nearly all users,” observes Michael Arrington, analyst at Jon Peddie Associates in “3D Visualization & Simulation” report, 2000.

Now finally there is a world-wide ubiquitous 3D viewing platform to enable 3D document sharing and review. “The .U3D format (open, industry standard format leveraged in Acrobat 3D) is another example of our interest in supporting the CAD markets and that format fits us very well” states Patrick Aragon, Adobe’s senior project manager for Acrobat. Approximately 525 million free Adobe Readers have been distributed over the past two years, clearly proving Adobe’s portable document format (PDF) dominates the digital document market.

“Now that CAD/CAM-sourced 3D diagrams can be easily included and published in maintenance manuals, sales literature and user guides in a format that is easily accessible to over 500 million users, the use of 3D modelling will become common place, even in industries and applications that have never used, or even considered using CAD/CAM modelling before. Support within mainstream software like Adobe Acrobat will revolutionize Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), taking 3D modelling outside of the traditional barriers imposed by proprietary CAD/CAM.” states Damian Smith, Hitachi Consulting in “The Impact of U3D on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)”, 2005.

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