American College Of Cardiology Reviews How (For The First Time In History) Heart Attack and CHF Damaged Hearts Are Being Safely Repaired With Patient's Own Stem Cells

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Dr. Nabil Dib, M.D., M.Sc., Director of Clinical Cardiovascular Cell Therapy, UCSD reported to the gathered body of ACC interventional cardiologists in New Orleans, how 23 patients in the FDA trial were safely transformed from advanced heart failure to recovery. The new book, Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair, explains the science and technology in everyday language.

Dr. Nabil Dib, M.D., M.Sc., Director of Cardiovascular Cell Therapy UCSD, before the ACC Sunday reported on 23 patients whose advanced heart failure greatly improved. The new book, Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair, reports the progress of many of the patients from start of therapy to completion.

Author/Researcher, Christian Wilde has spent 7 years studying preventive cardiovascular detection and treatment and has worked with Dr. Nabil Dib extensively in preparing his second breakthrough book, Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair, This procedure proves for the first time in medical history that dead heart tissue can now be safely clinically repaired. Here is the hope for 22 million patients WW currently dying of congestive heart failure.

In the book are case histories and personal journeys of many of Dr. Dib's patients-as well as patients from other ongoing FDA trial successes who have undergone the one time minimally invasive procedure. The author, along with the lead investigator have appeared together on Fox television and are considering other TV appearances. Christian Wilde's recent (two, two hour appearances) on George Noory's Coast To Coast AM radio show, introduced the science and technology of adult stem cell heart repair for the first time to 13M listeners on each of the two shows. . The audience for this information is vast considering that this procedure is applicable for the millions of patients who have survived one or more heart attacks even as far as 25 years ago. Many of Dr. Dib's patients in the trial have had 4 and even 5 previous heart attacks which led them into heart failure.

For his book, the author also interviewed several of Dr. Dib's colleagues who direct other FDA adult stem cell trials from the universities of Columbia, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Minneapolis Heart Institute and Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. Wilde believes, 'Autologous Skeletal Myoblast stem cell theart therapy (ASM), introduced by Ph.D., Doris Taylor, Director Center of Cardiovascular Repair, University of Minnesota may prove to be the most singularly important cardiovascular advancement since the advent of angioplasty in the late 70's.'

Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair includes Joe Gasser's story and case history. A patient whose own cardiologist told him, "Joe, with 75% of your heart not functioning, you should be dead today." He told Joe about the study being done at the Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix Arizona. Dr. Dib harvested stem cells from Joe's thigh muscle, cultured them in a dedicated laboratory and injected Joe's own stem cells into his damaged heart, Joe was walking a mile-a-day, six weeks later.

Many of Dr. Dib's patients presented with recorded ejection fractions (a measurement of the left ventricle's ability to pump blood) in the very low teens, 20's and 30's. Normal ejection fraction is between 50-70. Until now, cardiologists have only been able to offer drugs, pacemakers and defibrillators as "band-aids" in treating advancing congestive heart failure. CHF patients may very soon have another promising long term viable alternative in adult stem cell therapy. Cells that the body will not reject and that do not cause tumor development.


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