Aspen Detox Now in Houston -- First Location Opens in Rice Village

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Toxins in Americans have reached alarming levels. This unique non-invasive high-tech solution helps cleanse and revitalize the body in just 23 minutes. Detoxing at an upscale retail setting is quickly becoming a hot new health trend. At the company's first location, 2,500+ detoxification sessions have been completed in the past six months alone.

Aikon Wellness, Inc. - Houston-based wellness company - today announced that it has opened its third detox center - Aspen Detox - in Houston at 5510 Morningside in Rice Village. Aspen Detox offers a unique, non-invasive solution to cleanse and revitalize your body. Its high-tech process helps eliminate toxins and balance the body naturally. Unlike with conventional cleansing, Aspen Detox is able to detoxify at a cellular level targeting every part of the human body in just 23 minutes. The company's other two locations include River Oaks Detox in River Oaks, and Aspen Detox in Denver's Cherry Creek neighborhood.

Detoxing at an upscale retail setting is quickly becoming a hot new health trend. At River Oaks Detox alone, already 2,500+ detoxification sessions have been completed in the past six months.

The amount of toxins found in Americans has reached alarming levels. A recent New York study demonstrated that people had on average 167 different industrial and agricultural chemicals in the body. They included heavy metals, phosphate and chlorine compounds from insecticides, dioxins and PCBs - all which have been linked to cancers, nervous system malfunctions and birth defects. Another study conducted by Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York detected 287 commercial chemicals, pesticides, and pollutants in the umbilical cord blood from 10 newborn infants, randomly selected by the Red Cross from U.S. hospitals.

"Our technology has been designed to cleanse, revitalize and balance your body. It assists your body in its natural detoxification process and helps balance and restore your body's pH level and its electromagnetic energy. It helps you remove unwanted toxins, neutralize and eliminate harmful free radicals, increase range of motion and improve overall muscle strength," says Joe Vasquez, the company's Director of operations.

"This is how the session works: You sit back and relax and place your feet in a detox foot bath. We will place an ionizing array into the water for 23 minutes. Our technology then establishes an ionic energy field in the foot bath similar to the energy naturally produced by your body. The changes in the ionic field allow for your body to absorb nutrients, eliminate what it does not need or want, and restore the cells to a healthier function while allowing for cell regeneration. This can lead to potentially significant health benefits," describes Vasquez.

The company's existing clients have reported increased energy levels, improved sleep, decreased joint pain, increased performance and endurance and improved focus and thinking. The rebalancing and detoxifying can also assist in potential health problems including allergies, arthritis, migraines, fatigue, insomnia, diabetes, blood pressure problems and memory loss, just to mention a few.

Important: The statements in this press release have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The company's services are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.


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