What Does A Diamond Have To Do With A Dynasty? Former Roc-A-Fella Artist REBEL Finally Addresses The Theft of His Diamond Sign By Jay-Z

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Since breaking away from Roc-a-Fella Records, REBEL has formulated his own movement, S.I.B Entertainment.

When I first saw Jay throwing up the diamond sign on the cover of his Dynasty album I can’t lie, I was angry

Formerly signed to Roc-a-Fella Records as a member of the group Diamonds in da Ruff, REBEL is now an unsigned solo artist writing the next chapter in his life. Since breaking away from The Roc in 2001, REBEL has formulated his own movement (S.I.B Entertainment) and established himself as a unparalleled solo artist who is a deadly combination of talent, experience, business savvy, self-confidence and an intense drive that is fueled by his deep love for the music.

REBEL’s music isn’t image driven but rather a mirror of his life, so the result is material that is riddled with complexity and unpredictability. He freely gives an honest look into his real person and takes you on a easily visualized journey that chronicles his life’s ups and downs, allowing people on all levels to see a bit of themselves in his words.

REBEL knows he comes from a unique position in rap. He has the experience of a seasoned artist without any stigma of failure. His start in the game wasn’t unsuccessful, he simply never released an album, and his fans have never stopped checking for him. Grateful for that fact, REBEL has spent the last 3 years giving his loyal fans, as well as his new fan base, exactly what they want. Hot music that is coupled with a level of integrity that the game is sorely missing.

Never one for theatrics, REBEL has always wanted people to know him for his music and respect him for his ideas and honest personality; not for some fabricated beef or purchased DJ cosign or manufactured image. It was that desire to stand on his music alone that has keep REBEL silent on the true lineage of the diamond sign for all these years. He didn’t want his speaking up to look like some kind of tactic. And he didn’t want his music to be overshadowed by controversy.

Having said that, many will ask why speak up now? Given the recent attacks on Jay-Z is it opportunity? Strategic timing? A cry for attention?

Truth is, it’s a collection of things. Most notably:

  •     REBEL’s longstanding anger at Jay for stealing his sign and running with it without so much a sign of gratitude or acknowledgment. An anger that has only intensified over the years as his diamond sign has taken on a life of its own.
  •     The realization that staying silent wasn’t being true to his person. He has always been honest, almost to a fault. Keeping quiet just to avoid ruffling feathers or slightly shifting the attention from his music to himself doesn’t jive with who he is. He realized he’s been voicing his frustration at the game’s reluctance to take a risk and stop being so safe and that was exactly what he was doing.

“When I first saw Jay throwing up the diamond sign on the cover of his Dynasty album I can’t lie, I was angry,” said REBEL. “But I had temporarily given up rap so I let it rock. I guess at the time I also never imagined he’d push it so hard. When I got back in the game and had gotten all the way comfortable being a solo artist I had written a dis record and was ready to go at Jay hard but I stopped myself. I didn’t want my music to have to compete with the controversy. But in the past year or two since then, I‘ve come to some important realizations. For starters, my music is strong enough to hold its own against a little controversy or anything else you throw at it. Secondly, I’ve never let anyone or anything stop me from being who I am or saying or doing what I want no matter what the consequences. By my own standards I was being a clown for holding my tongue on something that I felt so strongly about.”

“You can clearly see me throwing up the diamond sign in The Streets is Watching movie in 1998. Jay didn’t begin throwing up the diamond sign until The Dynasty Album in 2000 after we (Diamonds in da Ruff) had left the label and broken up. I mean ask urself. What’s a diamond got to do with a dynasty? The diamond represents Diamonds in da Ruff - - that’s my group.”

REBEL isn’t looking to ride some anti Jay-Z wave to the top. He truly hopes that people can just appreciate the long overdue history lesson and move forward to continue to give his music the long hard listen it deserves because at the end of the day he wants to be known for his ability to make classic music.

By coming forward he has secured his due recognition for his past contributions to the game. Now he wants to set the stage for his future contributions.

“Throw ur Diamonds up” is a hard hitting freestyle that is saturated with indisputable evidence. The freestyle is intended not as a dis record but as a history lesson. It isn’t an attack on Jay-Z. It’s a charismatic outline of the facts and an introduction to the artist of the future.

Check out REBEL‘s freestyle “Throw ur Diamonds up:”


Check out the “Streets is Watching” clip with REBEL debuting the diamond sign:


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REBEL is currently available for interviews. All press inquiries should respond to the contact info found at the bottom of the page.

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