The Hollywood Podcast Reveals the "Real" Los Angeles

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Podcasting Pioneer Tim Coyne celebrates two years as the original voice of the Hollywood Dream Machine.

Tabloids and television shows feed the insatiable appetite for celebrity news, but Los Angeles actor/writer Tim Coyne has spent the last two years delivering interviews and personal stories from the "real" Hollywood.

As an interviewer, Tim has defined himself by speaking to the people who more often than not have "almost made it" or "made it and lost it" in Hollywood. The reality of the entertainment industry is alien to those captivated by glamorous awards ceremonies, celebrity paychecks and party girls in rehab. However, Coyne has found that the stories of the people in the ostensible "trenches" are the often the most interesting. Coyne effortlessly reveals both the love of the craft and the requisite dejection that his subjects endure. These are the real people who go to work every day in "Hollywood."

A major influence in Coyne's podcasting career was Ira Glass's "This American Life," the award-winning public radio show that discusses topics that aren't really news, but relate to everyone's life in some way.

"My only goal was to try to find the stories and people that illustrate what life is really like in Hollywood," said Coyne. "When I started my podcast I was a scooter-driving, struggling actor slash 'manny', sleeping on the floor with no love life to speak of. I still drive a scooter and I'm still a manny, but now I've got a bed and my career and love life are starting to take a turn for the better. My podcast has changed my life."

Coyne's first episode, called "Chasing Gwyneth," chronicled a weekend with a paparazzi photographer as he chased down Gwyneth Paltrow for his next mortgage payment. Giving a heart to someone whose profession is generally hated is no easy feat, but Coyne achieves it skillfully, allowing the photographer to reveal his own dreams in the process. Since then, Coyne has revealed equally compelling stories like that of an actor who was the star of his own ABC primetime drama and now lives in his parents' basement; Pamela Anderson's "Baywatch" stand-in who was fired for three words she said to the press; and most recently, two-time Oscar nominated film editor Paul Rubell (Transformers, Collateral, The Insider).

About a year into his podcast, Coyne found himself telling his own story as well. Like many of his subjects, Coyne has had ups and downs professionally and romantically. A New Year's resolution found Coyne proclaiming to his friends that he would have a four-month relationship, a humble goal by most standards. He wanted to challenge his own notion that he could not love or be loved without being where he wanted to be in his career. In his personal chapters, we follow Coyne's journey as not only a professional in Hollywood, but as a person looking for purpose and love in a city full of pretension. As a storyteller, Coyne has made his mark by knowing who he is and speaking honestly and humorously to his listeners around the world.

Coyne, recently featured on the cover of Podcast User Magazine (, continues to experiment with audio and video podcasting. Recent video projects include: "Guttenb*tch!" (, a music video based on 80's movie star, Steve Guttenberg, asking out his girlfriend: and "4 Months Text" (, a movie telling the story of a four-month relationship through images of text messages sent by his ex-girlfriend. He is currently adapting his storytelling series into a half-hour, single camera television pilot.

About The Hollywood Podcast
Los Angeles actor/writer, Tim Coyne, goes behind the scenes in the city of dreams with his weekly podcast, exploring the stories of real people pursuing the Hollywood dream. The Hollywood Podcast delivers interviews and personal stories of those making (or not making) it in Hollywood. Coyne is a guest host on "yourLA" (, a local NBC afffilate show, and puts his stories on stage regularly in "The Hollywood Podcast Show" at the M-Bar in Los Angeles ( Tim was born and raised in Massachusetts. For more information please visit


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