TelcoBridges and GlobalRoam Connect Mobile Users with VoIP and Instant Messaging

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The gCroix platform from GlobalRoam uses TelcoBridges' innovative telecom platform to converge mobile telephony and instant messaging, allowing mobile phone users to communicate with Internet contacts via VoIP and instant messaging

TelcoBridges Inc. announced today that the GlobalRoam Group Limited of Singapore has used TelcoBridges' telecom platform as the key building block to enable an innovative application called gCroix, allowing mobile phone users to talk and send SMS text messages to their contacts on Internet who use VoIP and instant messaging clients such as Google TalkTM, MSN® and Yahoo! MessengerTM.

"TelcoBridges provided GlobalRoam with the enabling technologies it needed to build a flexible system able to connect today's 2 billion mobile subscribers with 0.5 billion VoIP/IM subscribers," said Gaetan Campeau, President, Founder and EVP, Worldwide Sales, TelcoBridges.

"GlobalRoam's system demonstrates the flexibility of TelcoBridges' innovative platform," continued Campeau. "gCroix bridges the mobile world, where it collects TDM voice and SMS traffic from mobile handsets, with the Internet world, where it translates these communications to VoIP and instant messaging communications understood by PCs."

When communicating with VoIP contacts on the Internet, a mobile user simply registers a contact's userid with the gCroix system to obtain a telephone number associated with that contact. The mobile user then dials the new telephone number to directly reach the VoIP contact on Internet. gCroix bridges voice calls between mobile networks and VoIP providers such as Google TalkTM, or any other provider registered with the service, anywhere in the world.

When communicating with IM clients, the mobile user sends an SMS text message to the local gCroix system, which relays it to the target IM client via the Internet, anywhere in the world.

Using SMS, mobile users can reach any of their online contacts that use any of the well-known instant messaging services such as MSN®, Yahoo! MessengerTM or Google TalkTM.

"gCroix is based on our patent-pending SmartMap technology, and is available for license to mobile service providers and application service providers worldwide," stated Clarence Tan, CEO, GlobalRoam Group Limited, "in addition, we intend to commercialize the service in the second half of 2007 in our local market by offering it to mobile phone consumers in Singapore. Singaporeans are enthusiastic users of alternative services, and gCroix will allow them to communicate with their Internet-connected contacts worldwide using SMS via their mobile phone, all without the higher international charges normally associated with an overseas communication."

"GlobalRoam Group is capitalizing on the growing popularity of this and other of our services, with the establishment of GlobalRoam Inc, in the United States, in Virginia, due in part to the significant interest in this system from US-based mobile operators," continued Tan.

For mobile operators, GlobalRoam's gCroix system allows them to offer an innovative service allowing their subscribers to stay in touch with online friends while increasing ARPU through increased local airtime and SMS usage. For alternate service providers, the system allows them to increase their revenues by extending the availability of their IM/VoIP service to users that are on the road, and would normally be offline.

About TelcoBridges
TelcoBridges is a disruptive innovator paving the way for solutions providers and OEMs to secure a significant share of the growing market for enhanced voice and video services. TelcoBridges' customers win more business by building on the unrivaled scalability, flexibility and reliability of our telecom platform. TelcoBridges' carrier-grade technologies are deployed in over 28 countries with some of the largest operators in the world.

About GlobalRoam Group Limited
GlobalRoam Group Limited is a group of companies which provides integrated communications services. The Group's objective is to connect people across diverse media, transcending barriers created by technology across different platforms. With its patent-pending technology, this includes bridging the mobile world to the online world, at convenience and cost savings to end-users. It also encompasses using just one number for multiple services, without end users needing to obtain additional equipment. GlobalRoam collaborates with Telecommunication companies and service providers in reaching out to new markets. GlobalRoam is headquartered in Singapore with its international headquarters established in the United States of America and with data centers in both locations. GlobalRoam is the first OTC-quoted company in Singapore. Visit for more details.

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