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Attention teachers. Are you struggling to control badly behaved, abusive pupils? A new website now provides instant help for teachers who want to get the most from the worst kids in school ...

Pupil behavior is a major problem in classrooms all over the world and is widely cited as the number-one reason for record numbers of teachers leaving the profession. But Rob Johnson, ex-deputy head of a special school in the UK, believes any teacher can put an end to bad pupil behavior by following a new program on Classroom Management which is available online as an instant download.

"This isn't new. The methods in this guide have been tried and tested by many teachers and are backed up by years of research. What makes the program different is that I've made everything very simple and totally practical. Any teacher can pick this up and see massive changes in their classroom the very next day. That's great for them of course but, more importantly, it's also fantastic for the children they are teaching. I get emails every day from teachers who suddenly find they are able to make tremendous progress with pupils they've previously struggled with and are enjoying their jobs once more. It's very satisfying."

It seems the main thrust of the program is that most behavior problems can be eliminated from the classroom or prevented from escalating simply by meeting the various needs of the children in the class so that they are less inclined to misbehave in the first place.

It sounds like it will entail a lot of work but according to Rob, it doesn't. "It is simply about taking a real interest in the pupils and being vigilant enough to notice the early warning signs when things aren't right. Problems are easier to address when they are small. It sounds obvious but often teachers allow minor disruptions to escalate into full blown crises and these are much harder to sort out."

But the program doesn't stop at prevention. Parts 2 and 3 offer a step-by-step approach to dealing with serious disruptions and conflict, as Rob goes on to explain:

"No teacher can prevent all problems all of the time -- regardless of how good they are -- but there is definitely scope in almost every school to improve classroom management. Too often I see inappropriate sanctions being handed out by an over-stressed member of staff but this serves only to alienate the teacher and frustrate the child. There is a better way."

According to Rob, the techniques in this program will work with virtually any pupil. "I've worked with some of the toughest, hard-to-reach children in the UK and I can honestly say that these methods have made a huge difference to my working day. If they work in the type of classrooms I've been teaching in, I'm sure they'll work in any school."

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