SpireStocks.com Provides Glimpse into "Black Box"

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SpireStocks.com, an investing phenomenon, offers investors, for free, the ability to paper trade with an absolutely no-risk, no credit card required 30-day virtual trial. Investors can experience , first hand, SpireStocks.com's ease of use by paper trading in order to gain insight on how easy SpireStocks.com is to use. In addition, each day, the free trial tracks performance against the major market indices, to give investors the opportunity to compare with these indices during the 30-day free trial.

SpireStocks.com, an investing phenomenon, enables the individual investor to manage and control their own equity portfolio via online software, while consistently outperforming the major market indices. http://www.spirestocks.com.

"As far as we know, SpireStocks.com is unique, in that, the online software enables the individuals, themselves, to manage and control their own equity portfolio," stated Paul Hamacher, SpireStocks.com co-founder and CEO.

SpireStocks.com is designed to mirror the individual investor's online brokerage account after the SpireStocks.com online software suggests ready-to-execute trades.

Hamacher explains that his process rank orders each and every stock, based on customized algorithms, while utilizing rigorous stock performance screens, including both a fundamental and technical analysis approach. http://www.spirestocks.com.

"SpireStocks.com reduces the human sentiments that can prohibit an investor from trying to decide when to buy and how much to buy, especially in a 'market' correction," says Isaac Eckert, Chief Technological Officer. "The software output allows an investor to follow the suggested transactions; thus, reducing inhibiting human emotions of fear and greed, which negatively impact the decision making process."

As stocks dip, the software suggests to buy more shares while limiting how many times a stock can be purchased, including a bottom price. The built in protections eliminate the possibility of tracking a stock to worthlessness--which has never happened with a SpireStock. "Not even close," says Hamacher.

Automatic e-mails are sent out when there is a pending transaction so an investor does not have to check his portfolio every day, only when an e-mail is received. Therefore, the investor spends only minutes per week, not hours per day, which is required by other software investing programs. http://www.spirestocks.com.

Greg Benz, has a portfolio that has increased 25.17% or just over $42.5K in less than seven months.

"That's with a capital 'K'," Benz states. "Investors don't realize the reason long term results are extremely good is because the systematic 'buy low and sell high' methodology analyzes each portfolio independently every night. This is unheard of with other systems."

"Since we know, to the cent, the amount invested in each account, there is never a suggested transaction that will result in a loss," Eckert says.

"We offer an absolutely no-risk 30-Day free trial for people to witness the SpireStocks.com experience first hand--a lot of people won't believe it otherwise," says Hamacher.

The enabling technology towers over a traditional "buy and hold" mutual fund management approach where mutual fund manager's decisions result in "en masse" moves regardless of the negative impact that the professionally managed activity may have on some investors.

About SpireStocks.com

SpireStocks.com provides the individual investor a means to manage and control an equity portfolio via online software that is extremely easy to use. The stock model and trademarked process implements a long term buy low and sell high methodology with the intent to reduce the human sentiments of fear and greed, which tend to prohibit the individual investor from actualizing prudent investment principles. Based on an unprecedented concept, an investor, with no prior education/research, can set up in minutes, a personal virtual SpireStocks.com portfolio, which mirrors the corresponding online brokerage account, thusr educing the effort required for other online software systems from hours/days to minutes per week. For more information, investors can establish a no risk, no obligation, no credit card required 30-day FREE trial at http://www.spirestocks.com and questions/feedback can be e-mailed to the contact e-mail link.


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