New Book, 'The A.M. God,' Bridges the Divisions in Organized Religion

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Scott Byorum's new book "The A.M. God," currently in release through major online book distributors and at, brings the humanity back into spirituality and religious dogma.

Scott Byorum's new book "The A.M. God," currently in release through major online book distributors and at, brings the humanity back into spirituality and religious dogma. Fusing emotion and rationality, two human characteristics often at odds in spiritual exploration, Byorum exploits the confusion and hypocrisy inherent in the messages of organized religions and grounds the common experience all humans share in existence.

"The timing for a book like this is paramount," says Byorum. "We marvel at our technological achievements and intellectual evolution, yet organized religions remain encamped in deep, divisive ideologies that are fueling the intolerance, corruption, and wars splashed daily on news headlines. People are using these ideologies in ways they were not intended… to gain power and control over others. It is cheapening life and blinding sensibility. It has been for thousands of years. We need to bridge on our commonalities."

"The book is written with the understanding of the charged emotions attached to religious ideologies. It is easy enough to read that it is not going to take a month to get through, but with enough content to leave the reader thinking about it and themselves for months on end. It recognizes the confusion in our quest for life answers, but leads the reader to a deeper understanding of our common experience without confining one to a single conclusion as much of religious dogma tries to do."

One reviewer writes that The A.M. God is "fused with sincere emotion and deep intellectual interpretation of the world we live in… His words are meant to invoke unity within all peoples, even though we may be culturally divided. We all pray, dream, fear, hope, and love."

Book Description:

It is estimated that there are 19 major religions in the world with approximately 270 subdivisions and thousands of smaller groups. Many religions have changed over the millennia and some no longer exist. Each claims salvation of the human soul, or something equivalent, and most extol themselves as the one true religion… the religion that the one true god wants His followers to practice.

In 10 diverse poetic chapters, The A.M. God takes the reader on a lyrical and spiritual discourse of how faith shapes our lives and how our lives shape faith. Not always pleasant and not always kind, The A.M. God does provoke thought about one's own journey through this unpredictable experience we call life, what happens after death, and how religion itself affects our view of the two. At times irreverent, at times sarcastic; at times joyful, at times magnanimous. This book explores the idea that there is only one god we all pray to in one form or another... The A.M. God.

About the Author:

Scott Byorum's background includes over 10 years in instructional design, communication facilitation, and business development. He has a Bachelors degree in Psychology. He has been published in Western Banking and writes and publishes a quarterly newsletter for Nationwide Real Estate Tax Service, Inc. in addition to being the company's Director of Business Development.

For more information, or to purchase the book, please visit The book is also available online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Borders book distributors.

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