Fantasy World Comes to Life for Young Adult Readers

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Ethan Rappaport's debut novel, "The Legacy of Ogma" features an imaginative world of magic and adventure, all revolving around a mysterious set of ancient weapons.

Dungeons and Dragons and Lord of the Rings fans looking past Harry Potter for their next good read are in luck. Sorcery, swords and monsters abound in Ethan Rappaport's fantasy novel, "The Legacy of Ogma" (ISBN 978-1419632952, BookSurge, 2006).

The story has a medieval setting and begins with Halia, a young woman forced into a life of thievery as a child. While deep within the forest, she stumbles upon an old castle in ruins. Inside she finds a crystal sphere, locked away within a protected treasure chest. Halia is puzzled by the sphere, but knows that it must contain some secret power.

In the journey that follows, Halia is joined by Xarun and Arwold, two powerful warriors, Ahriman, a sorcerer, Minaras, an elementalist, and his two apprentices, Oswynn and Thulin. The monstrous foes they must face include snake-headed goats, re-animated corpses and dragon-like mist creatures.

Throughout their travels, occasional glowing lights appear within the crystal sphere, leading the adventurers to speculate as to their meaning. Some of the travelers know more about the sphere than they let on, using it as a tool to spy on others. As the adventurers search for answers about the mysterious sphere, they travel through dense jungles and mountainous terrains, inside a glass wand and finally to a secret chamber beneath the ocean, where good and evil must battle face to face.

"The Legacy of Ogma" is the first book in Rappaport's "Weapons Trilogy," geared towards a young adult audience. As the trilogy name suggests, the books focus heavily on the weapons, which are Omga's legacy. After reading "The Legacy of Ogma," readers will no doubt have more questions about why the weapons were created and why they were hidden. These questions and more will be answered in Rappaport's second book, "Forging Paradise," due out at the end of the year. Readers are welcome to purchase "The Legacy of Ogma" at 20% off by ordering through Rappaport's website with the coupon code, RDVIEW07.

Ethan Rappaport resides in Orange, Connecticut. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a professional software engineer. He was the co-founder of StatCard Entertainment, the first company to combine smart cards and trading cards. He pursues his passion for writing fantasy/adventure stories while commuting by train to and from work at a global financial services consulting firm in New York City. "The Legacy of Ogma" (ISBN 978-1419632952, BookSurge, 2006) can be purchased through online bookstores. For more information, visit Review copies available upon request. Publicity contact:


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