Organic Fuel Conditioner for Petrol, Diesel and Bio-Fuels Now Available

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Cybersizzle fuel conditioner for petrol, diesel and bio-fuels. Starts to work immediately and continues to clean and lubricate the engine. It also cuts emission level from the engines and reduces fuel costs.

A new fuel conditioner with a difference is now available in the UK. Marketed by Cybersizzle (UK) Ltd., the fuel conditioner is a complex blend of highly refined, renewable, organic ingredients in a solid block that can be used for cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters with another for boats coming soon.

Cybersizzle fuel conditioner has been giving fantastic results in New Zealand where the manufacturers are based and results are expected to be similar in the UK and indeed worldwide.

Cybersizzle is easy to use, especially compared to liquid fuel additives currently on the market and not only improves performance and fuel economy but also reduces Hydrocarbon emissions and lubricates and protects the engines that it is used in.

Recorded fuel savings have been as high as 18% and Hydrocarbon (HC) emission reductions as high as 80%. Although the manufacturers prefer to quote from 5% to 10.2% figure and a 50% reduction in Hydrocarbons, even these figures are quite spectacular and the savings in fuel costs easily pay for the product and more.

Cybersizzle is available in 100L packs for scooters, 200L packs for motorcycles, 500L packs for cars and 1000L packs for trucks with a 500L pack for boats coming soon. The manufacturers are also working on a solution for diesel bug, or engine sludge as it is more commonly known as.

Cybersizzle is covered by a $5million NZ dollar insurance guarantee although it is pretty obvious to anyone using it that this is totally unnecessary as the pack shows a 1996 Lamborghini replica which uses Cybersizzle and is owned by the CEO of Cybersizzle Ltd., Terence Austin. Gene Andrew, one of the Cybersizzle Ltd. directors uses it to improve the performance of his LexusLS400, which shows the confidence the manufacturers have in the product.

As well as Cybersizzle being a solid 'chocolate block' design, making it very easy to use, it also boasts of being one of the few products that can be used with petrol and diesel engines alike with benefits for both. In fact Cybersizzle can be used in any petrol or diesel engine without fear of 'overdosing' as the only downside of a stronger mixture is the cost to the consumer.

Cybersizzle can also be used in holding tanks which will be great news for larger corporations who use this method for the refueling of their vehicles. Cybersizzle dissolves completely in only 18 minutes in a standing tank which gives great advantages over other products which have to be agitated to mix properly.

In simple terms, Cybersizzle fuel conditioner is guaranteed safe for all petrol and diesel engines on the market, has been designed specifically to improve engine life and performance and begins to work immediately. Cybersizzle increases the cetane and octane ratings, cleans your cars fuel system, improves combustion and helps protect the environment with the lower emissions that result from its use.

Fully Dyno tested and proven, Cybersizzle is set to become one fuel conditioner that once used, drivers, whether private or commercial will not want to be without.


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