Guaranteed Property Inspection Launches Neighborhood Environmental Report -- An Environmental Due Diligence Report For Residential Real Estate

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Guaranteed Property Inspection and Mold Investigation Inc., an industry leader in home inspection / environmental services, and Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR), the leading national provider of environmental risk information, jointly announced today that they will offer their Neighborhood Environmental Report™ to residential real estate markets in Southern California. The report is being offered to meet growing demand for pre-purchase information for real estate agents, loan brokers, home-buyers and home sellers

Starting immediately, real estate professionals, home-buyers and sellers in the U.S. who use Guaranteed Property Inspection and Mold Investigation for their home inspections will have access to a Neighborhood Environmental Report™, which provides important information on known and potential contamination that exists on or in the vicinity of a property.

"Guaranteed Property is very excited to work with EDR to be the first to provide this valuable service to real estate professionals, home-buyers and home sellers," said Steve Zivolich, Senior Inspector at Guaranteed Property. "While the reports often give neighborhoods a clean bill of health, real estate professionals and home-buyers are always much better off uncovering any potential environmental issues up front, as opposed to retroactively addressing a problem after a sale or inspection has been completed. However, homes located in higher population or light industrial areas are more likely to have environmental concerns identified by the report."

Compiling data from federal, state, local and private databases, Neighborhood Environmental Reports™ provide records of contamination that could cause serious health problems as well as property devaluation. Homes that are contaminated often show no visible signs of the dangers they pose to residents through toxic air, water or soil problems.

Examples of contaminants the report screens for include leaking underground storage tanks, landfills, defense sites, hazardous waste sites, Superfund sites and former meth-amphetamine ("meth") drug laboratory.

Ensuring that home-buyers are aware of these types of environmental hazards has been identified as an important issue by several state legislatures including Arizona, California, Connecticut and Minnesota, as the potential effects to personal health and property value garner more attention from local communities across the country.

"For over fifteen years, environmental information has been a part of commercial real estate transactions. EDR created this report in response to the growing trend of residential buyers wanting or even expecting increasing amounts of information before making important decisions; whether purchasing a car, making a health-related decision or investing in a home," said Robert Barber, CEO of EDR. "Part of this 'due diligence' trend is an increasing demand for expertly prepared environmental information."

About Guaranteed Property Inspection and Mold Investigation, Inc.

Guaranteed Property Inspection and Mold Investigation, Inc.,is located in Irvine, CA. Steve Zivolich, the senior inspector has conducted over 4,000 property and environmental investigations in southern California since 1998. Mr. Zivolich is a certified property and environmental inspector by the California Real Estate Inspector's Association, American Association of Home Inspectors, and the American Indoor Air Quality Council.


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