Sacred Fig, New Mexico's Only Healthy-Aging Facility, Partners with Organic Complexion Founder Daniel Pry

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Promoting wellness and healthy living, the Sacred Fig in Santa Fe, New Mexico has partnered with 100 percent natural skin care producer Daniel Pry of Organic Complexion to share resources, distribute products and create the most advanced education programs targeting people wanting to live longer and be healthier.

Promoting wellness and healthy living, the Sacred Fig in Santa Fe, New Mexico has partnered with 100 percent natural skin care producer Daniel Pry of Organic Complexion to share resources, distribute products and create the most advanced education programs targeting people wanting to live longer and be healthier.

Sacred Fig founders Keith & André West-Harrison have been entrepreneurial celebrities for year on AOL's Small Business series The StartUp. Their program showed their amazing recovering from Hurricane Katrina and their metamorphosis into motivational speakers and healthy aging gurus.

Finally settling their post hurricane careers in Santa Fe in November, the West-Harrison's have partnered with Organic Complexion creator Daniel Pry to retail and wholesale his amazing products to consumers and day spas.

"Our main career has been helping spas succeed and consulting with spa owners through our other company Preston Spa Business Solutions," said Keith, "Working with Daniel Pry's 100 percent natural products will be yet another tool we can give spa owners to retail to their clients looking for better skin."

Daniel and the West-Harrison have known each other since they opened their New Orleans spa in 2000. "Its been amazing to see their journey since the hurricane changed their lives," said Pry, "I am so glad there is now a way we can all work together to promote natural skin and body products."

Sacred Fig will be the wholesale distributor of such Organic Complexion products as the Ultra Fresh Micro Polish. It is the only 100 percent natural, FDA OTC approved exfoliant on the market that includes al three forms of exfoliaiton in one products. The results have astonished the professional skin care market.

The group's newest products are being featured on the Sacred Fig web site and they will be traveling to country to promote these products to day spas, medical spas and wellness center. The trio will be featured at the new spa tradeshow EPIC in Denver, CO on July 1 & 2, 2007. They will be presenting a wide variety of motivational and skincare specific titles. Daniel Pry will present the controversial lecture "Treating acne with oil based products."

For more information about Organic Complexion products and the Sacred Figs programs please visit

Media interviews of speaking opportunities can be arranged by calling 800-884-1656 or e-mailing.

Sacred Fig
Leaders in the field of meditation, spirituality, and holistic health, the Sacred Fig was founded by Keith & Andre West-Harrison. The Sacred Fig teaches entrepreneurs, spa therapists and wellness practitioners to develop a healthy body, a clear mind, and a joyful spirit, bringing a qualitative change within and without.

Keith & Andre have studied with the Chopra Center and Deepak Chopra. Keith will finish his Creating Health certification in 2007. Other work by the institute includes teaching people to be successful in the usage of David Allen's Getting Things Done organizational techniques.

Using ancient principles of yoga, Ayurveda, integrative African/Native American beliefs, global spirituality, and holistic health, the Sacred Fig has brought health, happiness, peace and prosperity to the hectic lives of corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs. Our mission is simple--we help those searching to embrace the sacred link of the spirit promoting personal success and a restful mind.        
At the Sacred Fig's retreat in Santa Fe, NM, students and seekers from all walks of life who are participating in programs in yoga, meditation, stress reduction, Ayurveda, nutrition, spirituality, and eastern philosophy.

Organic Complexion
Daniel Pry Organic Complexion features the Earth's richest, finest, and most effective botanicals. They are attentively gathered, painstakingly blended, and thoroughly tested to create a renewed, refreshed, and revitalized complexion with each application. Skin Care products so pure, rare and meticulously balanced, they are highly stable and preservative free.

The key factor? Results. This Holistic skin care system seamlessly dovetails 100% Natural ingredients with New Millennium technology and, as a result, builds the very foundation of radiant skin. Organic Complexion is a groundbreaking effective system that will revitalize, smooth, clear and hydrate your skin within the first week of application.

André West-Harrison
From a Gourmet dog Bakery to the top rated New Orleans Spa and Bed and Breakfast, André West-Harrison has had his share of diverse experiences.

"As a child I was always taught by my parents that I could succeed at anything as long as I planned for it, and I still believed them."

The belief in ones self is the gift André is sharing through the Sacred Fig. Having reinvented himself after surviving corporate downsizing in the 1990's, the decline in Tourism in post 9/11 New Orleans, and devastation of Hurricane Katrina, André has set a goal of sharing his insight and expertise on the human struggle with all who will listen.

"My successes is an example to others, as we all are of the same cloth and can achieve the same goals."

Keith West-Harrison, DD, ME
Keith West-Harrison is an owner of Preston Spa Business Solutions and founder of the Sacred Fig healthy-aging institute. Seeing the disaster of Hurricane Katrina as the catalyst for personal change, he sold his award winning New Orleans wellness spa to focus his career on spa business consulting and wellness coaching.

Keith West-Harrison is a sought after motivational speaker on lifestyle enhancement and healthy-aging. A Skin Care Expert since 1989, his focus has been on blending 5,000 year old Native American, African and Ayurvedic beliefs into system that enhances modern wellness practices.

His studies in world wellness rituals earned him a Doctor of Divinity degree from ULCU. The convergence of these ancient cultures is what led Keith to create Sacred Fig. Keith has been appointed Esthetics Director at several of the industry's leading resort and wellness facilities.

"It is interesting that when I studied with a Voodoo Priestess, a Native American Shaman and a Vedic healer, all the beliefs aligned even though they developed on different continents," said Keith, "The energy of the Self has always flowed freely."

In his media career, Keith writes for entertainment and travel guides, magazines, American Spa Magazine, Day Spa Magazine and Spa Management Journal. His internet series for small business and entrepreneurs through AOL reaches 24 million people each month, and Keith's experience in the business world has been featured on CNN, AOL, MSN, Vogue, USA Today and through the Small Business Administration summits. He is often interviewed by media sources about trends in the entrepreneur and day spa fields.

In the spa world, Keith is a "Master Retail Magician" and trains spa owners and therapists how to be financially successful and emotionally satisfied in their careers. Known for his motivational and entertaining presentations, Keith teaches his client-first customer service methods in seminars and trade shows. This proven approach teaches spas to realize a 300 percent increase in their retail sales.


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