Israel, Iran Allies? Olmert and Abdullah Admit to Revolutionary Changes Taking Place in the Middle East

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Joseph Ehrlich, President of Sender, Berl & Sons Inc. and a globally known geopolitical analyst, was the first analyst anywhere, on July 30, 2006, at the peak of the Israel’s war against Lebanon, to describe a new era of relations between Israel and its surrounding neighbors. News headlines in recent days, confusing to many, confirm Mr. Ehrlich’s interpretation that Israel and Iran may find themselves ultimate allies.

I hope no one takes action based on baseless rumours.

There is nothing average or mainstream about Joseph Ehrlich and his analytics that have proven accurate over many years, taking top global minds by storm. If you want to understand what is happening, he can connect the dots and answer mysteries that appear to defy interpretation.

In November 2002, Mr. Ehrlich pleaded with Israel and the Arab/Islamic nations, to recognize the Bush Double Double Cross. Mr. Ehrlich hollered that Israel would be ultimately coerced to ignite a regional war. Mr. Ehrlich hollered that Arab/Islamic nations taking the bait would open a portal for loss of control over their oil asset and subject their nations to onerous culture change. Link to 2002 Interpretation: The Bush Double Double Cross.

Mr. Ehrlich’s prescient warnings in 2002 came to reality starting in June 2006. First, his interpretations in June 2006 on North Korea were uncanny:

  •     On June 19, 2006, when first reports surfaced that North Korea was fueling its missiles, Mr. Ehrlich declared to his global readership that North Korea would in fact launch by July 4, 2006.
  •     Correct.
  •     That North Korea had developed stealth missile technology and if he was correct.
  •     That President Bush would have to move away from and renounce his National Security Strategy.
  •     Correct. Russia and Japan detected ten missile launches not seven reported in Western media. Significantly, as interpreted, Time Magazine on July 9, 2006, several days after the North Korean missile launch, confirmed Mr. Ehrlich’s analysis (see Time Magazine cover graphic, The End of Cowboy Diplomacy). Listen to President Bush’s change in demeanor on July 7, 2006, regarding Kim Jong-il. 1 minute 26 seconds.

Mr. Ehrlich’s recent interpretations in July 2006 regarding Israel’s war with Lebanon were also uncanny:

  •     On June 29, 2006, Mr. Ehrlich declared that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was instructed to trigger a regional war.
  •     On July 30, 2006, Mr. Ehrlich declared that Israel, Iran, Hezbollah and China accepted his November 2002 analysis that they were being set up for the Bush Double Double Cross and recognized that they needed to stand down in the conflict. The November 2002 analysis declared that they had mutuality of interests against both being told lies by those following a quest to undermine both historical adversaries. Listen to 2 minute 40 second audio excerpt from Joseph Ehrlich’s August 7, 2006 interview on the Jeff Rense Show.

His November 2002 analysis continues to pull the curtain to reveal what is truly taking place behind the news headlines flowing out of the Middle East.

Mar 30 2007


‘Influential Arab countries are beginning to understand that Israel is not their greatest concern; this marks a revolutionary change in their outlook,’ prime minister tells Kadima members in Jerusalem; adds that Palestinians are ‘nearing the point where they must make a decision’

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Thursday that the Arab summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is part of a process that was facilitated by the Second Lebanon War.

Mr. Ehrlich’s new book "Clarity By Joseph Ehrlich" updates that spectacular analysis and gives readers the heads up on the news stories soon to emanate from Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East hotspots.

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MAR 29 2007


The Bush administration Thursday expressed surprise, and said it was seeking clarification, over remarks by Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah at the Arab League summit that the United States role in Iraq was an "illegal foreign occupation." U.S. officials meanwhile are welcoming the Arab League's relaunch of its 2002 peace initiative for Israel. VOA's David Gollust reports from the State Department.

MAR 30 2007


It's tempting to dismiss Abdullah's summit rhetoric as playing to the gallery, but the Washington Post reports that Abdullah has also cancelled his attendance at a White House state dinner planned in his honor next month. It wasn't so long ago that Bush and Abdullah were practically love birds, holding hands as they walked past news cameras during Abdullah's last visit to the U.S. in 2005. For better or worse, they may increasingly be going their separate ways.

If you want to know what has happened and will happen in this yet little understood new climate, read "Clarity By Joseph Ehrlich." It delivers what you not only want to know but also need to know to best appreciate the news headlines.

MAR 31, 2007


Ehud Olmert, Israeli prime minister, has spoken of a “revolutionary change” in the attitude of some Arab states towards Israel and said there was a significant chance of a comprehensive peace in the Middle East within five years.

Where did this come from? Left field? No. Both Israel and the Arab/Islamic nations subscribed to the truths proffered in the Bush Double Double Cross. "Clarity by Joseph Ehrlich" updates the November 2002 analysis and gives a heads up on tomorrow’s news and who and what is behind the curtain.

"Clarity By Joseph Ehrlich" filed with US Copyright Office January 7, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-6151-4142-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2007900751

April 02, 2007


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert dismissed as baseless today suggestions that Israel was working with the US in drawing up contingency plans for conflict with Iran.

"Declarations that there is an American plan to strike Iran that is being coordinated with Israel which would at the same time attack Syria and Lebanon is not familiar to me, and is a baseless rumour," Mr. Olmert said. "I hope no one takes action based on baseless rumours." Standing alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr. Olmert insisted Israel had no desire to see a fresh conflict in the region.

"Israel is not planning an attack and does not wish for war, as it did not want one in the past," he said.

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Joseph Ehrlich is an attorney, geopolitical analyst and author, who is committed to bringing forth new understandings to resolve the stream of wars, conflicts and mayhem that identify man’s failings in standing as ward regarding his responsibilities to his fellow man and Planet Earth. Mr. Ehrlich has been published in legal journals since 1983. His most recent contribution is entitled "Schiavo: Cold Justice" (Lexis and Westlaw 7 JLSOCIETY 1).

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