Warns Spring Shoppers That Cockatoos are Not for Everyone

Share Article knows that spring is in the air and many pet stores are trying to cash in by selling baby cockatoos. These birds are beautiful, but they require a lot of time, special foods, toys, cages, and interaction that the majority of pet owners simply cannot offer. ( owner Cathryn Denton created a new website to help prepare current or future cockatoo owners for exactly what they are in for when owning one of these beautiful creatures. Many pet shops this time of year fill their square footage with various types of cockatoos and impulse buyers come in and buy them all up. For the first few weeks or even years it can be a lovely relationship, but over time these birds get more and more difficult to maintain.

Cathryn Denton has written and compiled information and articles that will let potential buyers know that cockatoos are difficult to care for. From an aviary that can cost up to $1,000 to install and filtration systems, there is a lot to consider and a cockatoo is not simply something that you can buy on impulse.

Cathryn states, "I've taken the most popular types of Cockatoos and written specific articles to help coach you on what it takes to care for that species of Cockatoo, so you don't end up with a Cockatoo whose behavior is unmanageable and out of control."

Cathryn Denton also notes that a cockatoo can be a great pet for up to five years and then simply become aggressive, bored, and even neurotic. These articles seek to inform the potential buyer, or even the current owner, of these issues and how to avoid them.

She goes on to say: "In my opinion, only 5% of the population is even capable of raising a cockatoo correctly, and it would be wise to never purchase one, no matter how cute they look in the pet store, or how smooth the salesperson is who is selling you one."

This unique website seeks to inform bird lovers of the many specifications that have to be considered when owning this type of pet. This way, a cockatoo owner can take the time and care to raise a healthy and well behaved pet.

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The website was created to give potential, as well as existing, cockatoo owners the information hey need to be informed and responsible cockatoo owners.

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