'The Secret' as Seen on - Oprah and Larry King - Scientifically Proven to be Valid by M.I.T. and Stanford Researchers

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iCAP™ Release Meter a new technological breakthrough accurately measures and records your subconscious thought activity and clearly reveals your unconscious limitations.

Researchers from M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Stanford University have developed the iCAP Release Meter. It is a device that accurately measures and displays - in graphs, numbers, pictures and through an auditory tone - your level of brain activity from moment to moment.

Larry Crane, author, researcher and teacher of The Release Technique (discovered by Lester Levenson, a physicist and scientist and developer of The Release® Technique), has been teaching the world how to let go of any bothering thoughts in seconds for over 30 years.

Now the world has heard about "The Secret", as discussed in all the major media. Mr. Crane, together with a host of scientists can now prove that "The Law of Attraction" manifests what you are thinking, both positive and negative thoughts and your feelings, determine your life results. "The Secret" claims that our own suppressed feelings are the root cause of all our problems. Subconscious thought activity is going on 24 hours a day, whether we like it or not.

It's like we have downloaded a million different self-destructive viruses into our computer mind and these viruses are now continuously sabotaging and limiting our life.

Dr. Raul Rodriguez, Medical Director of Rivercrest Hospital in San Angelo, Texas, says "The iCAP™ Release Meter is really amazing. I am now getting real and constant feed-back about my mind and quieting down more and more, and then you can let go of the negativity so you can start reversing negative directions easily."

Dr. David B. Durand, former Director of Surgical Pathology at Stony Brook University Hospital, in Stony Brook, NY, says "I can strongly recommend the iCAP Release Meter to anyone who wants to quiet their mind rapidly and remain positive. An added bonus is that the Abundance Course, which teaches one how to release negativity, has been incorporated into the software, so even a novice can use it effectively and measure his or her improvement. The iCAP™ Release Meter will act like a compass for you and show if you are headed in the right direction with clarity of the mind. The iCAP™ Release Meter enabled me to reach new levels of quiet simply by showing me where I was and where I was headed. Have you ever wondered whether you are becoming quieter? The iCAP™ will give you the proof."

Through a tiny electrode and 1 oz. transmitter embedded in a comfortable, lightweight headband, your brainwaves are instantly measured, transmitted and recorded.

ANY issue at all - no matter how subtle or seemingly well-hidden - that poses any kind of disturbance to your subconscious mind, will instantly be revealed on-screen - even if you may consciously "think" it is a non-issue.

But don't worry! You'll know 100% when it finally is fully released - and the wonderful feeling of peace that you feel when it is finally released will certainly reflect the shift that the iCAP™ Release Meter just measured.

You can't fake the Meter out, or pretend the issue isn't there. If it's a live limitation running in your mind, you will see it reflected in your "release number" and through the "blue bouncing ball", the "advanced graph", or the "auditory tone."

No other technology in the world is specifically designed to help you get to a fully "released" state the way the iCAP™ Release Meter is.

One advantage that the iCAP Release Meter holds over traditional biofeedback technologies is the fact that you can use it yourself in the comfort of your own home - or on the road with your laptop if you travel. You don't need an operator to assist you. Once you've installed the software and USB stick (very easy), you just put on the headband and off-you-go! Your brainwaves are instantly measured and fed back to you live on your computer screen.

The iCAP Release Meter allows you to connect wirelessly to your desktop or laptop - PC or Mac - to measure your subconscious thought activity anytime, anywhere.

Having an awareness of what makes the meter rise and fall, and having a solid feel of what the "released" state feels like will be a HUGE aid for helping you get the most out of your releasing - and for helping you easily maintain the released state throughout your day - despite outer circumstances.

Many EEG systems on the market are incredibly expensive. Some range upward of $15,000 and they don't do what the iCAP Release Meter does. We don't believe there is another machine like the iCAP™ on the market. The closest "competitor" we have come across offers an overly complicated EEG unit that uses "goopy" conductant gel (that you put on your head with electrodes) and it costs almost $2,000. And it looks like you practically need a Ph.D. in neuroscience to use the thing. They say it's mainly for "research purposes". It looks that way. Bottom line is that it does not show you if you are in the "released" state that Lester's Method guides us to. The iCAP™ Release Meter does.

Supporting Studies
iCAP™ Technologies is committed to continuing our research and development in this cutting-edge field of study. On the following page, we list relevant academic studies for those interested in exploring some of the science behind the iCAP™ Release Meter. Science Background

Lawrence Crane is the President of Lawrence Crane Enterprises Inc, a training and coaching company which has been teaching the Release Technique for more than 30 years. For more information please visit http://www.releasetechnique.com or phone (888) RELESE1 (735-3731)


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