Discmo LLC Launches New "Open-ended" Specialty Toy: DiscmoTM Toy Discs

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Launch of new specialty toy, DiscmoTM toy discs, by Discmo LLC. The first six sets (Animals of Africa, Animals of America, Animals of Australia, Construction Rigs, World of Fantasy and Color of Art) are now available. Each Discmo bears a full-color illustration and name of an item in each category. The collectible sets encourage open-ended, kid-directed play that stimulates the imagination and facilitates learning and mastery of developmental skills

Discmo LLC today announced the launch of its flagship product, DiscmoTM toy discs, available in the inaugural six Discmo sets: Safari: Animals of Africa; Outback: Animals of Australia; Wild America: Animals of America; Art School: The Color of Art; Fairytale: World of Fantasy; and Road Crew: Construction Rigs. The next series of sets is planned for release later this year.

DiscmoTM toy discs, or "Discmos," are new to the specialty toy market and part of an emerging trend of "open-ended" developmental toys. Open-ended toys typically have a free-form, versatile design and come with few specifically-defined functions, or instructions, which allows children to play with the toy however they choose. Experts believe such toys facilitate creative, open-ended play, which stimulates children's imaginations, advances developmental abilities and encourages critical thinking skills as kids create new uses and ways of playing with the toy.

Discmos are organized into familiar childhood categories such as animals, vehicles, household or neighborhood objects, foods, colors and fairytale character, and are available in sets of 6, 10 or 14 discs, depending on category size, as well as individually. Made from durable, textured ceramic composite material, each disc measures 1.54 inches in diameter and bears a double-sided, full-color illustration and name of an item in its respective category.

The entire Discmo collection is designed around a classification scheme indicated by the color of the disc border and by other graphic elements in the design, to help children understand various object relationships, grouping and sorting--major intellectual tasks of early childhood. For tracking purposes, collectors, and replacements or set add-ons, all Discmos are identified by a unique ID number.

"With Discmos we wanted to create a versatile 'playing tool,' not just a specific toy," said Stephan Aarstol, co-founder and Director of Business Development. "True play is completely orchestrated by kids, given their particular interest and ability at that given moment. Free-form toys that kids can use as they wish allow them to play according to their actual needs and skill levels."

"Kids learn the most from activities that are moderately challenging--too hard, and they get discouraged, too easy and they get bored," said Jay Gibson, co-founder and Director of Sales and Marketing. "Kids can continuously invent new ways to play with Discmos--stacking, sorting, spinning, tossing, filling, dumping, collecting, trading, making up games--and essentially customize their play to be challenging and fulfilling.

Discmos will be available in April 2007 at specialty toy stores and at select online retailers. Outback: Animals of Africa and Road Crew: Construction Rigs Mini Discmo Sets include six discs each; Wild America: Animals of America and Art School: The Color of Art Regular Discmo Sets include 10 discs each; and Safari: Animals of Africa and Fairytale: World of Fantasy Super Discmo Sets include 14 discs each. All of the currently released sixty Discmos are available for sale through the company website.

About Discmo LLC
Discmo LLC, based in Bellingham, Wash., develops and produces specialty children's toys that encourage open-ended, child-directed and creative play, stimulate children's imaginations and help them fine tune developmental skills. The company's first product line includes Discmoâ„¢ toy discs and related products. For more information, see http://www.discmo.com.


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