Universal Coin & Bullion Offers 1500 Free Numismatic Books in Celebration of National Coin Week

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Universal Coin & Bullion wants to help promote the 84th annual National Coin Week, (Week of April 15-21) sponsored by the American Numismatic Association (ANA). The American Library Association (ALA) observes National Library Week during the same period. This convergence of these celebrations prompted Universal Coin & Bullion to give away 1500 books written by Mike Fuljenz an award wining American Numismatic Association author to Libraries, collectors or dealers.

Mike Fuljenz, author, numismatist and President of Universal Coin & Bullion is a winner of 24 Numismatic Literary Guild awards for his numerous books and reporting on rare coins. Three of his books are now being given away to Libraries, collectors or dealers who want to learn more about Indian Head Quarter Eagles, Type II Double Eagles or Type III Double Eagles. UCB will even pay for the postage. The reason for the benevolence is to help promote the 84th annual National Coin Week, (Week of April 15-21) sponsored by the American Numismatic Association (ANA).

The ANA is the largest non-profit educational organization dedicated to enlightening and encouraging people to study and collect money and related items. The ANA helps people discover and explore the world of money through its vast array of programs including education, museum, library, publications, conventions and seminars. Mike Fuljenz, an ANA presidential service award winner, taught seminars on gold coins from 1982 - 1998 for the ANA in Colorado Springs. During the same week the American Library Association (ALA) observes National Library Week. This convergence of these celebrations prompted Universal Coin & Bullion to give away 1500 of Mr. Fuljenz's books to foster a better awareness of these two events and what they represent.

Mr. Fuljenz and his staff from Universal Coin & Bullion hope that all who request these books will eventually donate them to their local library. Because of the rich history and merits behind these particular United States gold coins, it would benefit the numismatic community to have coin guides of this type available in local libraries to better acquaint coin collectors about these coins.

Mr. Fuljenz who is an ardent writer, concise, and whimsical hopes his books will excite others to take up the hobby of coin collecting. It's no surprise that a book written by a president of a large coin dealer, like Universal Coin & Bullion, promote the merits of investing in collectible gold coins, but in truth Fuljenz writings provide valuable insight into this hobby. These award winning books include descriptions of special collectible coin markets, tips on what to look for in coins, and a helpful introduction to collecting and investing in gold coins or gold bullion.

A cursory overview of each book appears below.

Type III Double Eagles: 1877-1907 (500 free copies including free shipping)

Immediately upon its publication the summer 2000, Mike Fuljenz's book Type Three Double Eagles: 1877-1907 received a Numismatic Literary Guild Investment Book of the Year Award. This 190-page large format, soft cover book was the first numismatic analysis of its kind specifically dedicated to an exclusive analysis of Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagles. The book was an instant success as it provides a micro view of these highly-prized late-19th , and early 20th century American treasures. If you already own Type III $20 Liberty Double Eagles, or considering them for the first time, Mike's comprehensive guide is the essential primer. ($29.95 value)
A Collector's Guide to Indian Head Quarter Eagles (500 free copies including free shipping)

In 2001, Mike Fuljenz was a repeat winner of a Numismatic Literary Guild Book of the Year Award for his book, A Collector's Guide to Indian Head Quarter Eagles. Once again, Mike's dead on micro-analysis of a specific coin series proved popular with collectors all across the country. With detailed analyses by year and mint, as well as certified population and rarity rankings for the entire series, Mike's book proved the perfect formula for gathering essential information quickly. With its comprehensive coverage of Indian Head Quarter Eagles, this book is a must have item for serious collectors. ($19.95 value)

Type II Double Eagles 1866-1876 (500 free copies including free shipping)

In 2002, for the third year in a row, Mike Fuljenz received a NLG Best Book of the Year award. This time it was for his book, A Numismatic History and Analysis: Type II Double Eagles 1866-1876. Following the same award-winning format of his two previous books, Mike renders a detailed micro-analysis of every single coin minted in this highly coveted, historic American series. These rare American collectibles, are among the most highly sought coins by collectors, and if you have any interest or ownership in any of these coins, then you simply cannot afford to be without Mike Fuljenz's NLG award-winning analysis. ($20 Value)

It is worth reading the opening sections of these Collector's Guides before starting to use the coin description sections. User's Guides can give a lot of practical advice on identifying coins, Coin Population Charts, etc. There are two photographs of almost every coin type, showing the obverse and reverse sides. This makes it easy to find the right coin.

These crisp, concise, books deal with a number of caveats, emphasizing risks and providing some coin recommendations. Once you pick up one of them, you will be hard pressed to put it down. If you are a gold coin collector, or always wanted to know more about gold coins - whether for enjoyment or investment purposes - don't pass this free book offer up! It is one you will be well satisfied with! Fuljenz's advice is as valuable as 24-karat gold, tested and pure.

To get your copy please call Universal Coin & Bullion at 800-459-2646 or drop Mr. Fuljenz a letter to Universal Coin & Bullion, 7410 Phelan Blvd, Beaumont, Tx 77706, requesting your free copy. You are also welcomed to contact via email and request your book.


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