New Electronic Solution Helps Small Business Staff Up Without Drowning In Flood of Applicants and Gov't Reporting

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Profiles Easy is a newly launched electronic online application system created to streamline small business staffing.

VIP Innovations, a Washington DC based Human Capital Consulting Firm announced today that it will add Profiles Easy, an electronic online application system that streamlines the hiring process, to its suite of services for small businesses. "We believe that Profiles Easy is the best solution for small businesses seeking to automate a portion of the hiring process in a way that is tailored to the needs of an individual company and EEOC reporting requirements," said Eva Jenkins, spokesperson for VIP Innovations.

Profiles Easy is a new electronic solution from Profiles International which gives small businesses (less than 350 employees) a way to streamline staffing and get out from under the mountain of paperwork required in EEOC reporting. Unlike high-priced, complex, and frequently ineffective applicant tracking systems, Profiles Easy is "a simple tracking and matching tool," reports Jenkins. She believes it provides a "smart solution" for companies that cannot afford to create a career website or expend the resources it takes to deal with "a barrage of useless resumes."

An Abundance of Riches…NOT
Jenkins notes that applicants from 'non-boomer' generations control the job market today. Their diminishing numbers allow them to pick and choose among more plum assignments at home and abroad. "Technology has given applicants tremendous freedom to apply for positions and that's good for businesses who can look at a wider pool of candidates," says Jenkins. "There is a downside, however."

When small businesses place an ad, they can get hundreds if not thousands of resumes from applicants. "At first this seems like an abundance of riches," says Jenkins. "But it quickly becomes clear that applicants are using their own automated systems to reply to every post on the web," Jenkins says. Their focus, she explains, "isn't on finding a job that they're qualified to fill. They just look for jobs for which they can apply."

"Profiles Easy provides a much-needed filter," says Jenkins. "And the affordable price puts it easily within the reach of the most budget-conscious business."

Pre-Qualifying Round
Profiles Easy eliminates people who send out resumes to every job they see by requiring more than just a simple click-and-send.    "On this system, interested job-hunters must build their application and answer pertinent questions/requirements for each position," says Jenkins. "This is a very effective way of pre-qualifying candidates from the outset."

The online application assessments are tied into each open job requisition and companies only pay for those candidates, they choose.     This is an answer to many small company's dilemmas.

Gives H/R Managers What They Ask For
An automated online hiring process "helps managers get out from under piles of paper and creates a valuable consistency in the selection process," says Jenkins. She notes that "the ROI for effective assessment processes is almost incalculable. The value of qualified employees manifests itself in greater productivity, higher profits, and a stable work force."

The cost of hiring and re-training staff is enormous. "Small businesses can't sustain a revolving door of constantly changing employees," says Jenkins. She believes the best way to prevent that is to put more focus on who's coming in the door before opening it so wide.

Gives the Government What It Asks For
Accurate and timely EEOC reporting each year is an important part of small business life, but it can be a resource-consuming chore. Companies with 100 employees or more must report EEOC data every year. This is also true for any Federal contractor with earnings of $50K and above. "What makes it tough for small businesses is finding a way to track and record their data so that reporting it is easy."

Profiles Easy collects information in a format that is compliant with government requirements. As requirements inevitably changes, Profiles Easy will be able to easily adapt. "There have been some shifts in reporting criteria," reports Jenkins. "Those changes have already been integrated into the tool."

For more information about this exciting new product and VIP Innovations, please contact VIP Innovations at (571) 248-8041 or e-mail us at training @


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