TEA for KIDS™ Introduces 'Captain Teao™' as Their Superhero Spokesperson

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Hailed as the official mascot of the tea industry and a champion in the fight against childhood obesity, Captain Teao™ is the tea trade's first real life character spokesperson created specifically to promote TEA for KIDS™ a healthy all natural alternative to high calorie sodas and fruit juices.

Captain Teao™ is the first real life character and spokesperson of his kind created to promote TEA for KIDS™ http://www.teaforkids.com as a healthy alternative beverage for kids. Captain Teao™ is a fictional, fun loving superhero who's on a mission to help kids fight the effects of childhood obesity, heart disease and type II diabetes. While on his mission, Captain Teao™ invented TEA for KIDS™ a great tasting, healthy and refreshing alternative to high calorie and sugar loaded sodas and fruit juices kids are use to drinking. Unlike sodas and fruit juices, TEA for KIDS™ contains no sugar or caffeine and is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Captain Teao™ was originally introduced to the world as the spokesperson for TEA for KIDS™ on the first day of the 2006 World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, NV, and later appeared at the first annual Coffee and Tea Festival in New York in June 2006. It was announced today he will be again be representing the TEA for KIDS™ brand at the 2007 Coffee and Tea Festival in New York in April 2007 and at the World Tea Expo in Atlanta in June 2007.

"Captain Teao™ is the result of a simple suggestion and an all night brain storming session," said Frank Kenny, Founder and CEO of Just Different Specialty Teas. "After noting all the ubiquitous press regarding childhood obesity, type II diabetes and heart disease we decided we needed to do more to get kids excited about tea. Even though I developed the TEA for KIDS™ brand several years ago it wasn't until Captain Teao™ came on board that the brand actually came to life," Kenny continued.

"Some people think I'm crazy creating a character and wearing a costume to get a message across, and to an extent, maybe they're right. Captain Teao™ brings TEA for KIDS™ to life for kids in a fun and educational way. Captain Teao™ is a fun loving fictional character, a Super Hero, who's a healthy role model for kids, an advocate for healthy choices. Captain Teao™ the anti-Ronald McDonald in that Captain Teao™ encourages kids to eat their fruits and vegetables," Kenny continued. "Coffee has Juan Valdez, Cool Aide has a talking depiction, Pillsbury has a cute little dough boy, M & M's have talking candy as spokespersons ... now the tea industry has its own unique spokesperson too, Captain Teao™. So if being innovate, creative and fun while passing positive messages to kids makes me crazy, then so be it. The most important thing is that the kids get the message and so do their parents. Tea as a commodity and as a business is very exciting and is really coming into its own in the United States. I feel it's a great time for the tea industry to have some new messages and methods to deliver those messages and Captain Teao helps to achieve that," said Kenny.

TEA for KIDS™ is currently available in tea bags and will soon be available in convenient ready to drink tea boxes. The organic rooibos blends create a wonderful, flavorful beverage that's a great alternative to caffeine and calorie laden sodas and fruit juices for kids. TEA for KIDS™ is easy to brew, great hot or cold, and is available in five delicious kid loving flavors, including: Very Very Vanilla, Orangie Orange, Lip Licking Lemon, Mango Madness and Peachy Keen Peach.

"Childhood obesity is an enormous problem facing the lives and health of kids everywhere, especially in the United States. We were the first company to acknowledge this situation in 2004 when we created and developed TEA for KIDS™. TEA for KIDS™ helps to directly address the 17% of beverage calories consumed by kids, a huge component in the overall calorie consumption that is contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States. If kids reduce soda consumption (two 12 oz. sodas a day,) that can account for up to 360 calories a day or close to one pound a week.

Captain Teao™ Trading Cards
As a method of delivering his positive messages to kids, Captain Teao™ developed a series of nine Captain Teao™ trading cards and includes one official Captain Teao™ trading card in each package of Tea for Kids. Each trading card delivers a very important life message to kids on important every day topics such as sharing, kindness, appreciation and safety.

About Just Different Specialty Tea Company
Just Different Specialty Tea Company is the undisputed tea business pioneer and trendsetter creating and developing fun, healthy and socially conscience tea brands. The Company creates, develops, brands and markets teas and infusions, including Captain Teao's™ Tea for Kids, EGCG-Tea™, TeaForce™, Rainbow Pride Premium Tea and the "Original" Tea for Men to specific niche markets and generates donations for various causes including HIV and AIDS research and awareness programs, prostate cancer research and awareness programs and after school programs for children.

The trademarks listed are owned by the Just Different Specialty Tea Company, all rights reserved.

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