HD Monitor Pro Makes it Easier, More Efficient Than Ever to go From Shooting Live HD Video to Instant Editing in Final Cut Pro With All Tools Necessary to Optimize a Video During the Shoot and Organize Them After

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HD Monitor Pro software is an indispensable production tool for professional and amateur videographers to view, record, optimize and organize live HD video on a Mac. Instantly go from shooting to editing in Final Cut Pro with all the shot ratings, labels and comments transferred from HD Monitor Pro. HD Monitor Pro's Exposure Zebras, Screen Calibration, Shot and Continuity checking tools will save much time and headaches while avoiding having to fix these issues later in post-production.

Red Lightning Software LLC. today announced the immediate availability of HD Monitor, an indispensable production tool for professional and amateur videographers to view, record and manage live high definition NTSC and PAL video.

HD Monitor Pro allows users with a Panasonic HVX200 to view, focus, optimize, record and organize high definition and standard definition video directly to their Macintosh computer. Users see 1:1 pixel accuracy even if they are using a screen resolution less than the full 1080 HD screen resolution of 1920x1080. This allows pixel perfect focusing in real time even on a 12 inch laptop screen. HD Monitor Pro will allow users to zoom in up to 400%.

On screen audiometers with high level hold and peak detection, allow users to monitor and optimize their audio levels. Users can listen to the live audio through their Mac for issues like unwanted background noise or problems with a vocal performance. To prevent feed back loop issues when not using headphones, users can independently control the audio play through volume separate from the Mac OS system sound settings. Users shooting in high definition can record and view audio meters for all 4 channels of audio for maximum flexibility in editing.

Users can independently control starting and stopping HD Monitor Pros clip recording from the cameras record button. Users will be able to continue recording direct to disk even when the cameras tape stops and needs to be changed. An on screen indicator will let the user know when a clip is being recorded as well as a system resource meter which will warn of recording issues before they happen.

HD Monitor Pro's direct to disk recording provides the ability to label, rate, and add notes to each shot which later imports directly into Final Cut Pro, improving the efficiency of field logging and energizing post production. HD Monitor Pro removes the time limits of shooting on tape or P2 cards and eliminates the possibility of tape dropouts. With the ability to instantly review shots on the fly without having to switch the camera to VCR mode and shuttle tape around, users can immediately see if they got the shot or not.

"Our HD/DV Monitor Pro software line is a perfect match for event video, documentary, commercial or Hollywood style production shooting. We offer tools that allow the user to take detailed notes during production with our software and instantly export these notes and clips into Final Cut Pro. Editors will see the ratings, shot types, scene and take numbers, and comments for each clip in Final Cut Pro, making their job duck soup to start editing instantly without having to log and capture the footage from tape or P2 cards. This feature is not available in any other Mac software package. This translates into huge time savings for users who are always on a tight deadline," said Red Lightning Software CEO Ben Aein.

Special effect shoots benefit from HD Monitor Pro's Image Overlay feature, which enables digital "in-camera" effects, the preview of post effects, and the specific framing requirements they require, possible. Employing the Image Overlay's Alpha Channel allows for the first time in a HD production in-camera effects, such as shooting the live elements within a matte painting for perfect composition.

HD Monitor Pro focuses on the needs of professional HD production. Shot Matching and Continuity Checking are key features enabling a production to create a professional look. Quickly determine if your camera position, zoom, focus, exposure or white balance has changed from a previous shot. Perfect the lighting when moving from a practical location to a matching set on a stage. Check continuity to see if something has been moved in the shot or consumables like candles or the water level in a glass has changed.

HD Monitor Pro features:

  • High Definition Support for HVX200
  • 4 Channel Audio support for HVX200
  • 2 or 4 Channel Audio Metering with Clip Light
  • Direct to Disk Recording
  • Recording Synced with Camera
  • Shot Logging with Ratings, Labels, and Comments
  • Instant Export to Final Cut Pro with all notes and ratings
  • Shot Matching (Focus, Zoom, White Balance, Framing)
  • Continuity Checking
  • Custom Image Overlays with Full Alpha Channel Support
  • Use Custom Mattes to Create Any Aspect Ratio
  • Clip Management - Sort, Delete, Show in Finder, Show in QT Player
  • Focus in full 1:1 resolution
  • Frame your shot in real time
  • High and Low Exposure Zebras
  • Independent Settings for Recording Start and Stop from Camera
  • Super Easy Monitor Calibration
  • Image Flip for 35mm Lens Adaptors
  • On-Screen Guides - Action Safe, Title Safe, Rule of Thirds, 16:9 aspect ratio, etc...
  • 16:9 Anamorphic Support
  • NTSC and PAL Support
  • Heads Up Display Shows Recording Status and Audio Meters
  • Universal Application Runs on Power PC and Intel Macs

Red Lightning Software will be demonstrating HD Monitor Pro and DV Monitor Pro on a Dykortech Advanta Jib with an HVX200 camera at NAB 2007 in the Dykortech booth C7832, in Las Vegas, NV, April 16th - 19th. Stop by for special show pricing and find out more about our exciting products and how they can improve your videos.

A free update to DV Monitor Pro 1.1 has also been released which matches the features of HD Monitor Pro sans HD support.

HD Monitor Pro is available immediately for $499.99. Multi-license discounts are available. Macintosh OS X 10.4 and DV video cameras with FireWire are required for use. Panasonic HVX200 and Final Cut Pro 4.5 or greater required for HD support. Core Image support is highly recommended.

DV Monitor Pro v1.1 is available immediately for $199.99. Macintosh OS X 10.4 and DV video cameras with FireWire are required for use. Core Image support is highly recommended. Please visit Red Lightning Software's online store to purchase a copy.    http://www.hdmonitorpro.com

Red Lightning Software LLC. was founded in 2006 by a team of Macintosh developers dedicated to provide innovative solutions for the video professional. Apple Macintosh, Final Cut Pro, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Panasonic, HVX200, are registered trademarks of Panasonic, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


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