Sci-Fi Suspense Novel has a Message from the Future for Today's World

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Charlie Pedersen's debut novel, "Turn of the Century: 2100" focuses on the future potential of quantum physics and the consequences of living in a co-dependent global village.

When one thinks of how far our world has come in the past 100 years, it's intimidating and exciting to imagine how much it will change in the next 100 years. Author Charlie Pedersen has thought about the coming future at great lengths, and weaves his years of involvement in technology and large scale change, with current environmental, energy, water, world health, terrorism and human rights issues in his compelling book, "Turn of the Century: 2100" (ISBN 978-1598003291, Outskirts Press, 2007). The Quantum science world of tomorrow confronts the chaotic political, social and environmental state of the early 21st century.

"Turn of the Century: 2100" is a sci-fi based international suspense novel that straddles both the 21st and 22nd centuries. In 2085, 9-year-old Aly visits her 105-year-old dying great-grandmother, Alyson, and is told that their destinies would be linked in 20 years. Alyson, in the early 21st century, was a quantum physicist who became linked to the future when an "electro-magnetic wave" state "photon entity" from the year 2108 appeared at her Berkeley, California, lab and 12 other particle physics labs around the world.

"Futuresight" is at hand and before long, the science community, CIA, and Interpol agents around the world are drawn together to deliver the 22nd century's "hindsight" to the floor of the UN General Assembly. When white collar criminals and terrorists discover this closely guarded secret, the stage is set for a confrontation with the forces of positive change. After all, the future knows the consequences of our current directions or lack thereof.

"The reader is taken down the path of 'science faction,' that fine line between fact and fiction that can only be traveled by the imagination," Pedersen says. "Be drawn by the story, enlightened by where quantum science is taking us, and be ready to be challenged by the realities we are facing as a human species. It's a new century and it's our turn."

In "Turn of the Century: 2100," the realities Pedersen refers to are spelled out to readers in five oracles, transmitted through the space-time continuum. Consider the issues of our times: terrorism, genocide, human trafficking, energy, water, the environment, world health and pandemic threats, a cultural divide and militarism. Can the collective will and positive action of the citizens of our planet overcome the power of one of the strongest forces in the universe -- denial?

"These challenges need to be addressed together as interdependent problems that need synergistic solutions. We need step out of the box and fully recognize the scale and the possibilities. We can no longer deny that we are living in a global village," Pedersen says. "If I didn't believe in our ability to change, I wouldn't have written the book."

Charlie Pedersen resides in Huntington Beach, California. He holds a degree in mathematics from Long Island University. Pedersen has been on the forefront of technology throughout his career; working on the Apollo Lunar Module systems to being a founding member and chairman of Star System Inc., the largest automated teller network in America. His role as CIO and executive officer of a major financial institution provided a broad background in large scale technology change. Pedersen is currently working on a sequel called, "Turn of the Century: The Sixth Oracle." "Turn of the Century: 2100" (ISBN 978-1598003291, Outskirts Press, 2007) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit . Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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